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Stevens County 4-H Awards Program review

Members of the Rendsville 4-H Club are pictured after being named the 4-H Club of the Year during the annual 4-H Awards Program, held Oct. 25 at the Morris Area Concert Hall.1 / 2
The Jon and Lori Moser family was named the 4-H Family of the Year during the annual 4-H Awards Program, held Oct. 25. Family members are (from left) Jenna, Jon, Joanna, Justus, Lori and Jacob.2 / 2

Stevens County 4-Hers wrapped up another successful year at their annual 4-H Awards Program on Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008. Many 4-Hers and volunteers were recognized for their outstanding work within the 4-H program. Emcees for the evening were Natalie Johnston and Justin Johnston.

The Jon and Lori Moser family was named the 4-H Family of the Year. The Mosers are members of the Horton 4-H Club. They are active on the Animal Science Advisory Board, the Open Youth Beef and Sheep Show committee and the Arts, Crafts and Etc. Day committee. They have devoted countless hours to these committees. This past year, Jenna was the 4-H Leaders Council secretary, Lori was an adult treasurer and Jon was one of the beef species supervisors. In the coming year, Jenna is the 4-H Leaders Council youth treasurer and Lori is an adult treasurer. The family is very involved in the General Livestock Project Bowl, not only with Jacob, Joanna and Jenna participating, but also with Jon serving as a coach and Lori as a volunteer. The kids are involved in the beef, sheep and swine projects, as well as projects such as fine arts, crafts, photography and shop.

The Rendsville 4-H Club took 4-H Club of the Year honors. This is a club that is very devoted to bettering their community. This past year, they worked on a flag pole project and planted flowers in Donnelly, as well as helping with the Donnelly Pie Social. Also this past year, their club project was Food and Nutrition and the club engaged in activities such as putting together a cookbook, touring Tastefully Simple and 4-H members giving Food and Nutrition Demonstrations. For club competitions, the club put together a club window, apron, Share the Fun skit, banner and community pride display. Club members are active year round in both club and county events.

The Rendsville 4-H Club also earned the Community Pride Award and took third place in the club window contest.

The Swan Lake 4-H Club earned second place in the Club of the Year category and in the county fair apron contest. Swan Lake took top honors in the club window contest.

Pat Smith was named the Friend of 4-H for 2008.

The Outstanding Youth Leader award was given to Courtney Ehleringer.

Amy Blackwelder, Jean Lesmeister and Judy Johnston were presented with the Extra Mile Award.

Leaders Council Officers from the 2007-08 year were recognized. They include president: Carter Smith; vice-president: Samantha Searle; secretary: Jenna Moser; treasurers: Justin Johnston, Lori Moser, and Lori Sperr; fairboard representatives: Natalie Johnston, Steve Kill, Les DeBuhr and John DeBuhr; and adult Advisors: Judy Johnston and Amy Blackwelder.

The 4-H Club presidents were recognized, including: Mac Kampmeier, Samantha Jensen, Nathan Dahlman, Travis Wulf, Amy Rudstrom, Natalie Johnston, Samantha Lemmerman, Daniel Nelson and Wade Ehlers.

The 4-H Club Key Leaders were recognized for their hard work over the past year. They include: Amy Blackwelder, BEES 4-H; Mary Huebner, Darnen 4-H Club; Jolene Greiner, Hodges 4-H Club; Gail Metzger, Horton 4-H Club; Karrie Hickman, Pep and Progress 4-H Club; Judy Johnston, Rendsville 4-H Club; Kim Johnson, Scott 4-H Club; Darla Nelson, Stampede 4-H Club and Jean Lesmeister, Swan Lake 4-H Club.

In 2008, 14 4-H members graduated from high school. They include: Reed Kampmeier, Erika Gramm, Tanner Gramm, Corey Ascheman, Craigan Wulf, Rita Wulf, Justin Johnston, Brandi Sperr, Carter Smith, Courtney Johnson, Tyler Evink, Ben Ehlers, Tallack Dosdall and Thore Dosdall.

In 2008, there were 22 new members to the Stevens County 4-H program. They include: Presley Gonnerman and Kirsten Scheldorf to the BEES 4-H Club; Jake Anderson, Brenden Goulet, Morgan Rohloff, Noel Schieler and Emma Spors to the Darnen 4-H Club; Cody Greiner, Chandler Gramm and Tyler Reese to the Hodges 4-H Club, Marty Koehl and Chase Metzger to the Horton 4-H Club, Correy Hickman to the Pep and Progress 4-H Club; Savannah Aanerud to the Rendsville 4-H Club; Lindsay Flogstad and McKayla Petersen to the Scott 4-H Club; Katie Cannon, Joseph Surerus and Caitlin Wilts to the Swan Lake 4-H Club and Tyler Arndt, Cheyenne Arndt and Brooke Hanson as independent members.

A growing part of 4-H is the Cloverbud program. This year many, 28 to be exact, youth in Kindergarten and grades 1-3 are enrolled in the 4-H program. They include: Kevin Asfeld, William Golombiecki, Hunter Gonnerman and Nicole Knutson in the BEES 4-H Club, Mallory Anderson, Bradley Rohloff, Anika Spors, Josh Wagner and Autumn Wente from the Darnen 4-H Club, Emma Nelson, Connor Reese and Cole Reese from the Hodges 4-H Club, Micah Aanerud, Brady Cardwell, Baily Danzeisen, Callista Kill, Shannon Kill, Karmen Sperr and Sydney Sperr from the Rendsville 4-H Club, McKenzie Petersen and Brandon Wassink from the Scott 4-H Club, Emma DeGroat and Christina DeGroat from the Stampede 4-H Club, Jaden Braness and Mara DeRung from the Swan Lake 4-H Club and Emily Hadler, Paige Hanson and Maria White as Independent members.