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Nevis students will embark on Germanic adventure

Lederhosen may soon become part of the dress code at Nevis School.

At the request of the students, a group of 11 juniors accompanied by three chaperones will be heading to Europe this summer, Germany the destination. None of them sprechen Deutsch.

The students approached Jodi Sandmeyer with the idea, the "kid-driven" desire to travel impressing the high school principal. She's led many student tours: Russia, Asia and South America on the itineraries as well as Florida, Chicago and New York on the home front.

"We want to go," the students told Sandmeyer. "Where will you take us?"

Students from Germany, Sandmeyer learned, will be arriving in Nevis April 2-9 with area families hosting them. This led to the idea of an exchange.

The Nevis students were considering Great Britain, France or Austria. But a reciprocal hospitality agreement with German families will keep costs in line.

Monday, the school board gave the nod of approval to the cultural exchange.

Thursday, at 6:30 p.m., a planning meeting will be held with parents, fundraising to begin.

The cost for each: $2,200.

Sandmeyer, husband Shawn and her mother, Karen Lund, will serve as chaperones. They will assume costs for the trip.

The itinerary includes flying in to Frankfurt with tours of castles, concentration camps, art museums, a possible river tour, a zoo, Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie - and lunch at a Hard Rock Cafe.

Sandmeyer hopes to secure reservations at hostels to keep costs down.

Before departure, the students will undergo some intense tutelage. Come spring, the Germany-bound students will arrive at 7:30 a.m. once a week to be schooled in basic vocabulary and German history by Sandmeyer.

They will hunker down for a full week of orientation just before leaving for their