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Talking It Over -- Find the time, talent and money

Time, talent and money are all very important ingredients in the success of businesses, schools, churches, organizations and even relationships. Each of them has a vital role and can be directly affected by the presence or absence of the others.

Time seems to be something that many of us have very little of. We may often feel like we are being pulled and pushed in several directions at the same time. We need time to spend at our jobs, with our families, in our homes and, in between, in our commitment to volunteer organizations.

I recall several years ago when I worked part-time, I thought I would have a great deal of time to spend with my young children and as a housewife. However, it seemed that when those precious days off came around, I had a number of other things thrown in like working at the church, caring for parents, volunteering at the school or helping out a friend or neighbor. While I really wanted to just stay home and get my work done there, I also realized that these other activities really needed the time I had to spare.

Talent is something that may be hard to recognize in some people. There are the obvious talents such as artistic, musical and leadership characteristics. However there are also talents that are less noticeable such as someone who can work easily with children, care for elderly, grow beautiful products and relate intelligently with others.

Fifteen years ago, when I discussed my current job with Jim Morrison, the publisher of two area newspapers, I expressed some concern about my ability to write. I had numerous years of experience in all other aspects of newspaper work except writing. Jim encouraged me to give it a try and before I knew it I was immersed in a field that I love and believe I had a hidden talent for. Sometimes talents are difficult to recognize and we may just need the encouragement to let them shine.

Time and talent can accomplish a great deal in this world, but to finish out the equation we often need money. Successful businesses, organizations and churches can be populated with extremely talented people who may have the time to work on their ideas. But without contributions to the cause, these ideas could just fizzle out.

Each of these attributes can also be worked into our every day relationships. It is obvious that to have a successful marriage, family or friendship you have to put the time into it. You may also need to add a little bit of talent such as cooking, entertaining, sharing and, even though we may not want to, cleaning. We also need money to go about our lives so income becomes an important ingredient in the recipe for a successful life.

While individually we may not need to contribute each of these ingredients, we need a healthy mix within our families and relationships. Taking away or adding even one of these can make a big difference in our future.