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Joseph Jesseph

Joseph R. Jesseph was born Aug. 30, 1934 to Frances K. Jesseph and Joseph D. Jesseph in Denver, Colo. He died Oct. 18, 2008 in San Luis Obispo, Calif. as a result of a fall at his residence in Cambria, Calif. Joe attended the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. He served in the Army Reserve and was discharged at Fort Carson, Colo. in 1958. He worked with the Widefield District in Security, Colo. and taught fifth grade. He attended the University of Wyoming for a Ph.D. program in Guidance and Counseling and in 1967 moved to Morris to work in the Counseling Center and to teach at UMM. After leaving UMM, he spent many years counseling the Morris community. In the last part of his life he was involved with The Foundation for Inner Peace in California and he wrote a book titled A Primer of Psychology According to a Course in Miracles. Joe is survived by three children. Steve (Jane) of Camden, N.J.; Doug (Doreen) of Tampa, Fla.; and Jennifer (Randy) of Pine Island, Minn. He is also survived by a sister, Barbara Leonard of Eureka, Calif.