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Cancer Support Group meetings begin at SCMC on Oct. 14

Cancer is not something a person can deal with alone, and sometimes even family can't provide the kind of support those who are battling the disease need.

A Cancer Support Group will meet beginning Tuesday, Oct. 14 in the Sunroom at Stevens Community Medical Center.

The group meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, and will continue until Nov. 25. The group will not meet Tuesday, Nov. 4, because of the general election.

Barb Lesmeister, a cancer survivor from Morris, said the group meetings are a place for people fighting cancer to bond and get information from people who have been through the battles.

"I was able to gather information on nutrition while taking (chemotherapy), natural ways to help with nausea and how important it is to ask for help," Lesmeister said. "Don't suffer alone."

Lesmeister stressed that anyone is welcome to attend, whether they've never had cancer or don't have it now.

Guest speakers are planned and what is shared at the meetings is confidential. Mostly, the meetings are about forging friendships without pressure, she said.

"You may feel like coming just to listen," Lesmeister said. "No one is forcing you to talk or share if you're not ready. Remember, we're there to help. We've been through the things you're going through."