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Morris Human Rights Commission seeks applicants for open seat

The Morris Human Rights Commission has an opening, according to Christine Gibson, commission chair.

Interested individuals can contact the City of Morris offices at (320) 589-3141 and submit an application by Oct. 13.

The Morris Human Rights Commission was established by the Morris City Council in 1997 to promote and encourage equal opportunity and fair treatment of all individuals.

Eight citizens serve on the Commission -- seven are appointed by the City Council and one is an ex-officio representative of the council.

The Human Rights Commission has six primary responsibilities:

1. Identifying equity problems within the city.

2. Educating the public about human rights issues.

3. Responding to incidents of discrimination.

4. Building relationships with school districts, agencies, and business and community organizations and enlisting their cooperation in an active program to create equal opportunity and eliminate discrimination and inequalities.

5. Acting in an advisory capacity with respect to the planning or operation of any city department on issues of civil and human rights. Administering an appropriate grievance process.

6. The Human Rights Commission responds to incidents of suspected bias in employment, housing, public accommodation, public services, education, credit, or business that are reported to the City of Morris or to the Morris Police Department.

To learn more about the MHRC and its work, contact one its members: Bert Ahern (589-2474), Gibson (589-1250), Tom McRoberts (585-2639), Mike Miller (589-1377), Jeff Miller (589-1832), or Ann Streed (585-2982).