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Alexandria School District proposes 12 percent levy increase

School District 206 residents will see a change in their school taxes next year. That's because the school board is considering a 12.76 percent levy increase.

The preliminary total net levy for 2008, which is payable in 2009, is $8.1 million, according to Tom Wieczorek, business director for the district.

The reason for the increase, or at least the majority of it, is because of the post-employment bonding debt service estimate, said Wieczorek. (See related story.)

He explained the tax levy to school board members and administrators at Monday night's regular school board meeting. The proposed tax levy was approved at the meeting.

The 2007 tax levy, which was payable in 2008, was $7.2 million. The tax levy includes all funds - general, community service and debt redemption.

Wieczorek said the district levied the maximum amount allowed in case there are changes from the state. He also noted that the levy wouldn't be finalized until December.

Tax statements should be mailed sometime in November, although the amounts are preliminary.

Actual tax statements will be mailed next spring and may include changes, said Wieczorek.

The school tax levy is only one piece of the puzzle that determines a property owner's tax.

Here are a few other factors that may increase or decrease taxes:

• Change in county levy.

• Change in city levy.

• Change in township levy.

• Change in school district levy.

• Change in market value of parcel.

• Change in homestead determination.

The final levy amount will be sent to the state after the school board's regular meeting in December. Formulas for the tax levy are set by the state Legislature, except for voter-approved referendums.