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Minnewaska/Morris Gators competitive in Sauk Centre

The Minnewaska Area/Morris Area girls' swimming and diving team traveled to Sauk Centre- Thursday. Sauk Centre defeated the Gators 109-77.

"Both teams had swimmers out due to illness," said coach Linda Hoffmann. "It will be fun to swim them again on the 23rd. This was the first year in many years we were this competitive.

"It's an attribute to the girls digging in and racing and not faltering at the end.

"We had many monumental races against Sauk Centre and our diving corps captured first and second in their event."

In the 200 Medley Relay the Gator team of Paige Entzi, Brittany Opdahl, Kelsey Greenwaldt, and Laura Moe took second place in 2:09.10 - their best time this year.

The Gators also took fourth place with a personal-best time of 2:17.40 for the team of McKayla Smith, Bridget Opdahl, Alexis Banister, and Ana Billehus.

Several Gators placed in the 200 Free. Tiana Barsness finished in second place with a time of 2:21.63, her personal best. Barsness narrowly missed first by .3 tenths of a second.

Natalie Johnston and Dani Boutain finished in fifth and sixth place, respectively.

In the 200 Individual Medley, Paige Entzi swam a personal-best time of 2:39.19 for second place. Kelsey Greenwaldt took fourth with a time of 2:43.59. Sixth place went to Alexis Banister.

In the 50 Free Laura Moe took first with a time of 27.58. Bridget Opdahl finished second with a time of 28.18. In fifth was

Ana Billehus with a time of 29.90.

"It has been many years since the Gators have taken first and second place in the 50 free against Sauk Centre," said Hoffmann. "We swam well in this race."

The Gators took first, second, and fourth in the diving event. Caroline Fritz took first with a score of 141.20. Jesika Tabor was second with a 121.55. Alex Kopel finished fourth with a 109.10.

After this event the Gators were only behind by two points heading into the last half of the meet.

Sauk Centre Coach James Schreiner did some lineup changes in the second half of the meet.

In the 100 Butterfly Brittany Opdahl took second place with a time of 1:14.51 which qualified her for sections in this event. McKayla Smith took fourth with a time of 1:17.06. Alexis Banister finished in sixth place.

In the 100 Free Moe took second place with a time of 1:01.90. Greenwaldt finished in third with a time of 1:02.36. Barsness took fifth with a 1:02.76.

"Megan Rieland from Sauk Centre is a powerhouse in this event and she wasn't 100 percent," said Hoffmann.

Rieland took first with a time of 57.55.

"Our girls swam well in this event and against good competition."

In the 500 Free Sauk Centre took the top three spots.

Boutain improved her tim to 6:37.84 for fourth place. Johnston finished fifth with a time of 6:48.62. Hannah Berg was sixth in 7:09.68.

"We were outscored in this event 3-13, which turned the tide of the meet," said Hoffmann.

In the 200 Free Relay the Gators recorded two personal-best relay times of the season.

Gators Entzi, Opdahl, Opdahl, and Moe finished second with a time of 1:53.10.

Gators-Smith, Billehus, Boutain, and Barsness took third with a 1:57.07.

Entzi had the winning time of 1:09.83 in the 100 Backstroke. Emma Roberts had a personal best of 1:22.99 for fifth place. Emily Larson took sixth with a 1:23.97.

In the 100 Breaststroke Brittany Opdahl took second place with a 1:22.06 Kristina Johnson finished fifth with a personal-best time of 1:32.39. Caitlyn Parsons took sixth in 1:36.85.

In the 400 Freestyle Relay Gators B. Opdahl, Barsness, Boutain, and Greenwaldt finished second with a time of 4:18.55. Gators Roberts, Johnston, Berg, and Billehus finished fifth with a time of 4:44.30.

The Junior Varsity had 12 personal-best times and finished with a score of score 97-81.