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SCMC, Starbuck Clinic join as partners

Stevens Community Medical Center and the Starbuck Clinic have joined in a partnership of the health care facilities.

John Rau, SCMC President and CEO, and Dr. Robert Bösl, of the Starbuck Clinic, finalized the new partnership last week.

The Starbuck community will continue to see the same caring staff when they come for a clinic visit, Bösl said.

"The same familiar, friendly faces will be there to help you," he said.

The clinic will be named Starbuck Clinic, a clinic of Stevens Community Medical Center. Telephone numbers and addresses will remain the same.

Since 2005, Bösl has been a member of the SCMC Active Medical Staff admitting patients to SCMC for inpatient care.

"With this recent transaction, Dr. Bösl and SCMC are working together to ensure quality healthcare in the Starbuck area for years to come as well as opportunities for more healthcare services." Rau said.

In addition to in-patient, outpatient and clinic services in Morris, SCMC operates a clinic and physical therapy services in New London and outreach services in Glenwood, Benson, Elbow Lake, Ortonville, Wheaton, Graceville, Ashby, Barrett, Hoffman, Litchfield, Paynesville, Sauk Centre and Redwood Falls.