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Talking It Over -- One year ago this week

It doesn't seem possible that one year ago this week, my husband and I were waiting patiently in a hospital waiting room while our baby gave birth to her first baby. That little girl will celebrated her first birthday this week, and has been weaving her way deeper and deeper into our hearts as each day, week and month go by.

First birthdays are fun and also monumental. It pretty much marks the end of the baby stage and the beginning of toddler times. Jaedyn started walking several weeks ago and you can see her take on new and exciting challenges each day since she can now explore her world in a different way. Her personality is beginning to come out and she already knows how to smile or cuddle up to Grandpa or Grandma and get her way.

Last year, during the week when our daughter was expected to deliver we were on vacation at a lake near the hospital where she would be having her baby. When labor began we took a day out of our vacation to be at the hospital for her and her husband. This year they will be joining us for part of the week at the lake and we will be able to enjoy their growing family. It will be much more fun for all of us as we spend time together and simply remember what was taking place a year ago.

There are so many new beginnings at this time of year and also things coming to an end. The start of a new school year marks another year older for our children. For some it will be the first day of pre-school or kindergarten, others will start their final year of high school and another group will begin college, away from home for the first time.

As we celebrate Jaedyn's first birthday, I will be thinking not only about the last year as we watched her grow but also of her future. She has so much ahead of her. Things to see, do, learn, experience, and create. It will be fun to watch her accomplish each of these challenges and hopefully be a part of her life for a long time to come.

For now I just want to say -- Happy First Birthday Jaedyn! We were there when you first arrived and we will always be there for you as you mature and become a beautiful young lady!