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Talking It Over -- Behold life's beauty before it passes

We have gone beyond mid-August and summer is winding down. This is the month when we can really see the many beauties that nature provides. The multi-colored flowers, numerous birds and butterflies, maturing fields and garden crops, trees providing shade on hot days along with fruits and nuts, lovely streams and lakes, cattle and sheep dotting the hillsides and valleys, wildlife, children and pets playing in the yards - just to name a few.

August beauty surrounds us if we just take the time to look around. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," you just need to stop and recognize its splendor.

Summers can seem to be a very short season since we enjoy it so much. Life can also seem short when there is so much to do and a lot to look forward to. The days and years pass far too quickly, just like the summers.

It is easy in life to complain about what little time we have. As we rush to do this and that, we should try to remember the bright side of life. We all know that life is not all roses. There are thorns too. We need to learn to accept the thorns with the beauty of the roses.

In a few more months fall and winter will be back. When these return we should remember that each month has its own beauty - even those with pure white snow! We just need to look harder and behold the splendor!

To remind us, I like to refer to the following poem I found. The author is unknown but very astute when it comes to nature.

Look across the fields of golden wheat

When the ripened grains stir in the breeze,

Listen to the bird call's cheery note

As they sing from the branches of the trees.

At close of day, look at the flaming sunset

With glorious colors of red and gold.

And gaze at the moon and the stars in the sky

When their splendors the night unfold.

Wait for the dawn of another day

With wonders of earth and life at hand.

Beg to learn more of what they mean

With heart and mind to understand.

Then pause for a moment of silence,

Let your thoughts turn to realms above

In praise and thanks to Almighty God

For the wonders of His love.