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Talking It Over -- Stories flow at reunion parties

The stories were flowing last week as I accompanied my husband to his 40th high school class reunion in Morris. The class of 1968 did it up right when they planned this reunion, and in my estimation there was a great turnout.

From his class of about 150 there were more than 70 in attendance. Coming from a class of 26, I thought that was pretty good. Of course, there were a lot of people my husband didn't recognize at first but after looking carefully at the picture on their name tag, we were both able to put a face to the name.

Last fall, we received a post card announcing the reunion and telling us to check out all the details on a Web site that was set up for the Morris High School Class of 1968. My husband doesn't usually spend a lot of time on the computer but he seemed to enjoy going to this site and checking up on his classmates.

It was a great addition, not only for the class members but also friends and family. The site opened up with a slide show featuring pictures from the annual and music from the '60s. Then you could go to a directory of classmates, click on a name, and if they had submitted information, you could read about their life since graduation. There was a place for messages and, of course, an itinerary for the weekend's events. The class is hoping to keep the site going through to the next reunion.

Sadly, through the Web site, we were also able to learn about the loss of classmates. This class has lost 10 so far and they did a wonderful tribute not only on the Web site but also in a power point presentation at the reunion.

With all the reminiscing going on, the reunion was topped off with some great music by the Blues Brothers, who played songs from the '50s and '60s. What a great way to talk about old times, with the accompaniment of music from those days.

It was a wonderful night and even though I didn't graduate with the class, I had a good time. However, best of all, I now have a little bit of 'dirt' on a few class members that I know and you never know when that might come in handy!