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Talking It Over -- A whole lot of sharing going on

This is a great time of year. Not just because of the warm temperatures or fun activities but because of all the sharing. The sharing I am referring to involves food, one of my favorite things.

We have reached the point in summer when our diligent gardening and farming efforts are starting to reap results. Most of the garden vegetables are bearing fruit and the sweet corn in the fields is ripening quickly.

I love this season. It means a little extra work for me as I put up some of the vegetables but it also means lots of great meals with fresh produce. When I have extra fruit or vegetables I can easily find people more than willing to take it off my hands. The same goes for the many farmers in the area who willingly share the extra sweet corn.

That is what makes it such a great time of year. Farmers and gardeners alike don't just plant enough for their own use but often put in just a little extra to be passed around. This is sometimes intentional and other times just plain economical.

For example, if you want to plant a couple heads of cabbage or tomatoes each spring, it is sometimes difficult to find a flat with just one or two plants. Instead you have to buy four or six and then you might as well plant them rather than waste them. You are caring for two already, it is not much more difficult to take care of four. There is also the chance that you could lose a few to animals, bad weather or disease.

Similarly, when you plant seeds, it doesn't take much more effort to plant the entire package rather than just a short row. That way when you pick, you are ensured enough to make a meal or fill a cooker. However, it also means that when you have your fill, the plants are more than likely still producing.

That is when the sharing comes in. Rather than pulling out perfectly good, bearing plants, you can just as well keep picking and share with others. It is all worth it when you get those squeals of delight and heart-felt thank yous.

I love sharing and I also love receiving. There are things that I don't plant in my garden for various reasons, so I know the thrill of having others sharing these products with me. It is such a treat to feast on the delicious fresh produce grown in this area.

You have to love this time of year because of the generosity being spread around. Just remember to take time to thank the givers as you partake in the goodies. And perhaps someday if you find yourself with an excess of something good, don't be afraid to return the favor.