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Talking It Over -- Going back in time

Have you ever been suddenly struck by something that quickly transports you back in time? I don't mean physically but mentally. It could be a song from your past, a "new" style in clothing or hair that reminds you of your younger days, or simply running into an old friend.

This is the time of year for those sudden events. As we take in the many reunions and gatherings, it is likely to happen. You will see someone you haven't seen for awhile, or hear a saying or song that goes back to your youth. Even the way teenagers are dressing today can easily remind you of styles 30 or 40 years ago.

Last week during the July 4th celebration in Hancock, I had this happen numerous times. But there was one thing that really stuck out in my mind. On one of the floats, a princess from a neighboring town was sporting a hairstyle I had nearly forgotten. She had shoulder length hair which as it came to the shoulder was flipped out and curled upward. I believe in my day it was called a "flip" style.

I remember wearing my hair like that and it wasn't an easy feat to get it that way. We didn't have curling irons and electric rollers were just coming out. The small curlers didn't work quite as good at getting the results as one other method: We would roll up our hair in soup or juice cans. After cleaning up the cans, both ends were cut out and the long strands of hair could be rolled around them. We then fastened them in place with extra large hairpins.

Believe it or not, I even attempted to sleep on these unique curling items at times. I have to emphasize the word attempt because they were extremely uncomfortable. However, they did get the desired effect, poofy long hair on top with a 'flip' at the bottom.

This weekend, we will once again have an opportunity to get together with many people from our past and present. Mixed in with all the reminiscing there will also be a lot of just plain looking, taking in the sights, sounds and food of the celebration. I hope that, like me, you will have a few opportunities to be briefly transported back in time by something you see, hear or do. When that happens, take the time to smile, enjoy and, for a short time, relive a moment of your past.