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Tiger Sharks host 2 events

The Morris Area Tiger Sharks hosted a Northern Lights Swimming Association Conference Meet Thursday, June 26. On the following Wednesday, July 2, the Tiger Sharks hosted the Second Annual Summer Morris Open Swim Meet.

At the NLSA meet, sanctioned by the USA Amateur Swim Association and open only to USA registered swimmers, 48 swimmers from the Perham Lakes Area Penguins, Fergus Falls Flyers, Owatonna Piranhas, and the Morris Tiger Sharks participated. The Sharks swam for 25 ranked state level Champ, A, B and C level times.

In the following Open meet, Shark swimmers piled up another 26 state level times. For the second consecutive summer, the Sharks hosted this "open" meet with no entry requirements due to the increasing number of unaffiliated swimmers in the area and nearly 40 swimmers from Morris, Montevideo, and Minnewaska attended.

In the 8 and under category, Kalley Johnson swam in her first ever Tiger Sharks meet. She finished with a 24.10 in the 25-yard freestyle, a 36.31 in the 25-yard breaststroke, and a 30.13 in the 25-yard backstroke.

Josh Lawrence, swimming in his second Tiger Sharks meet, finished the 25-yard freestyle in 27.18 and then completed the 25-yard backstroke in 38.35.

In the boys' 11- to 12-year-old category, Vaughn Dieter, Aaron Lawrence, and Myles Smith competed.

Dieter, who has become the "Ironman" of the team by swimming in every meet so far this season, swam for times of 51.99 and 48.76 in the 50-yard freestyle. He also finished the 50-yard breaststroke with times of 1:07.20 and 1:03.60. His 50-yard backstroke yielded times of 54.78 and 53.99. In each event, he cut his time and in his first 100-yard event, Dieter finished with a time of 2:08.89 in the backstroke.

Lawrence swam for a time of 42.03 and then cut his time to come in with a C time of 40.05 in the 50-yard freestyle. In the 50-yard butterfly, he swam for times of 54.10 and 1:01.50. In the 50-yard breaststroke, he swam for times of 1:06.50 and 1:05.34. In the 50-yard backstroke, he swam for times of 54.11 and 55.35.

Smith swam the 50-yard freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke events with times of 45.64, 55.29, and 54.27, respectively.

In the 13- to 14-year-old girls' category, Hannah Berg competed in the 200- and 500-yard freestyles in both meets with times of 2:34.29, a B time, and 2:34.86, a C time, in the 200 and two more C times of 7:10.33 and 7:05.79 in the 500.

McKayla Smith swam for two B times of 29.45 and 29.09 in the 50-yard freestyle, a C time of 1:22.54 in the 100-yard backstroke, followed by a B time of 1:17.58 in the same event, cutting times in both events. Also, she finished with a B time of 1:08.43 in the 100-yard freestyle and a C time of 1:29.05 in the 100-yard butterfly.

In the boys' 13- to 14-yard-old category, Gage Anderson, Jackson Boever, Mickey Cotter, Jacob Erickson, and Carter Rudstrom competed.

Anderson swam for a time of 30.71, a C time, and 30.17, a B time, in the 50-yard freestyle event. He then splashed in the 100-yard freestyle with two C times of 1:09.06 and 1:07.78, cutting time in both events. He also swam the 100-yard butterfly in a time of 1:46.06.

Boever swam for two C times of 30.95 and 1:12.12 in the 50- and 100-yard freestyle events. He also finished the 100 yard individual medley with a time of 1:28.40.

Cotter finished the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 39.65. In the 100-yard breaststroke, he swam for times of 1:53.94 and 1:51.98, while in the 100-yard IM, he came in with times of 1:52.33 and 1:51.37, cutting times in both events.

Erickson swam the 50-, 100-, and 200-yard freestyle events with times of 30.62, a B time, 1:14.89, a C time, and 2:49.90, respectively. He also swam the 100-yard backstroke in a time of 1:27.91 and the 100-yard breaststroke in a time of 1:47.50.

Rudstrom cut times in all of his events. He swam the 50-yard freestyle in times of 39.92 and 36.43. In the 100-yard breaststroke, he finished with times of 1:52.49 and 1:51.78. In the 100-yard IM, he finished with times of 1:48.37 and 1:43.64.

In the 15- to 16-year-old category, Matt Cotter, Kelsey Greenwaldt, Natalie Johnston, and Stefan Lemke competed.

Cotter swam for a B time of 28.65 in the 50-yard freestyle. In the 100-yard freestyle, he swam for two C times of 1:05.98 and 1:05.61. In the 200-yard freestyle, he swam for another two C times of 2:32.45 and 2:32.89. In the 500-yard freestyle, he swam for yet two more C times of 6:56.19 and 7:00.10.

Greenwaldt swam for two B times in the 50-yard freestyle with times of 29.39 and 29.41. In the 100- and 200-yard freestyle events, she swam for three B times of 1:06.38, 1:04.45, and 2:27.20, respectively. She also finished the 100-yard IM with a C time of 1:20.57.

Johnston swam for a B time of 1:08.92 in the 100-yard freestyle and a C time of 1:23.10 in the 100-yard IM. In her first ever 500-yard freestyle event, she finished with another C time of 6:57.39.

Lemke swam for two champ times of 23.74 and 23.46 in the 50-yard freestyle, two A times of 53.31 and 53.95 in the 100-yard freestyle, and an A and a B time in the 200-yard freestyle with times of 1:58.57 and 2:03.33. He finished the 100-yard backstroke with a B time of 1:03.61. In the 100-yard IM, he came in with a B time of 1:07.06 an in the 500-yard freestyle, he finished with A and B times of 5:19.59 and 5:49.93.

At the Open Meet, three Shark teams entered the mixed 200 yard medley relay, the A team of coach David Lemke (backstroke 33.37), Tess Cotter (breaststroke 39.60), Greenwaldt (butterfly 33.88), and Stefan Lemke (freestyle 23.93) finished first with a time of 2:10.78. The B team of Johnston (backstroke 39.09), Matt Cotter (breaststroke 40.24), former coach Emma Roberts (butterfly 41.38), and Hannah Berg (freestyle 31.30) finished second with a time of 2:32.01. The C team of Mickey Cotter (backstroke 52.56), Lawrence (breaststroke 51.26), McKayla Smith (butterfly 34.66), and Dieter (freestyle 38.50) finished third with a time of 2:56.98.

Later in the 200 free relay, the B team of Johnston, Greenwaldt, Stefan Lemke, and Matt Cotter took first place with a time of 1:52.74, while the A team of coaches Lemke, Cotter, Roberts, and McKayla Smith finished second with a time of 1:55.48. The C team of Dieter, James Burke, Mickey Cotter, and Lawrence finished third with a time of 2:38.91.