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Sprucing up the theatre

Nine students attending the 35th Annual Henjum Creative Study Institute at the University of Minnesota, Morris painted a mural at the Morris Theatre on June 24 and 25 under the direction of Michael Eble, UMM assistant professor of studio art and curator of the Humanities Fine Arts Gallery at UMM.

The mural was designed to be similar to larger murals painted in the theatre.

The students were Darcey Aronson, Morris; MaryKate Davini, St. Paul; Maddie Gravning, Morris; Tahni Jungst, Morris; Lisa Manolis, Morris Area; Amy Nelson, New Brighton; Hunter Peterson, Belview; Dylan Pullis, Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley schools; and Inga Reynolds, Littleton, Colo. Top photo courtesy Tina Didreckson.