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COPC: Morris Rental Housing Commission example of grant's legacy

By Britney Appier

Sun Tribune

The Morris Rental Housing Commission is one example of a project started under the COPC grant that could have an impact in the area for many years.

Originating with the grant, the Rental Housing Commission was formed to address the rights of landlords and tenants, primary dealing with issues facing the campus and community.

Due to the high ratio of rental housing in Morris, there is a much larger possibility that problems could develop between landlords and tenants.

Since most renters are students from the University of Minnesota, Morris, age issues occasionally arise, as well as issues of gender and race, according to the COPC Web site.

The Rental Housing Commission was formed to protect the rights of both the landlord and the tenant. The goal of the organization is to mitigate in the early stages any conflicts that arise between the two parties.

To achieve this, the commission is in the process of drawing up recommendations for the Morris City Council for approval. The group also hopes to provide information as to what is expected of a tenant, and informing them of the care they should take with rented property. The hope is to see the two groups come to common ground on issues.

The Rental Housing Commission meets the fourth Thursday of each month, and the RHC has a Web site link off the City of Morris' Web site at

The Web site provides listings of all available rental properties in the city, inspection records of properties, best-practice recommendations, a list of commission members and minutes of RHC meetings.