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Backbone at Bremer Bank

By Britney Appier

Sun Tribune

Kay Jacobson started working at Bremer bank in 1968, and recently celebrated her 40th year there.

There have been many changes over the past 40 years in the name, the technology used, and the hours open.

Kay has rolled with the changed, noting that one thing remains constant: Her co-workers have always been "like a family."

The bank originally was the Morris State Bank and was owned by the Freeman family. In May 1995, the Freemans sold the bank to the Bremer Corp. and the name changed to First America Bank.

Eventually, First America Bank gave way to what is now Bremer Bank.

In the last 40 years, technology has changed dramatically, and that has been reflected in how business is run at the bank.

When Kay started in Bremer's bookkeeping department, she used only pencils and paper to keep records of customers' accounts. Now, the bank employs the latest in computer and accounting technology. Though the changes scared her at first, each time she has adapted to whatever was needed of her.

In addition to the name change and the advance of technology, Kay said she has seen a significant increase in banking hours and the time workers are on the job.

To celebrate her anniversary, co-workers placed a sign outside the bank that read "Honk for Kay's 40 years of service at Bremer Bank."

Kay now works at Bremer's drive-through window, greeting each person by their first name. She "loves the work" and "cares about the people who come and go over the years."

Though many things have changed during her time at the bank, Kay said she just "goes along with it."