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Heritage Days essay contest winners from MAES, St. Mary's

My Favorite Older Person

By Megan Gillespie

My favorite person is my Grandma. Her nickname is Chicken Grandma, I did when I was little and still do today. She used to raise chickens on her farm and adores them, still today.

She loves to be outside, working in her garden and going for walks. We bake together all kinds of things like her famous pies, cookies and donuts. She is very kind hearted, loving and sweet to me, her nine children, 25 grand children, and 21 great grand children.

Every time we go over to her house she is always making us something to eat. Or when she comes over to our house she helps with a lot of stuff. Like cleaning, cooking, baking, and of course, fishing.

My Grandma and me go fishing, open water and ice -- now how many other Grandmas do that? She doesn't really care if she catches a big or a little fish. Or how many we catch. We always have a good time even if we don't catch any, and can't wait to go fishing again.

She likes to dance to polka and waltz music. I danced with her on her 80th birthday to polka music. I've never danced to polka before, but never say never. She also loves to watch the Minnesota Twins! She went to a game once and had a ton of fun.

My Grandma is my favorite older person because she is caring, loving, and the best Grandma in the whole entire world.

And I would never ever want a different one!

My Favorite Older Person

By Bryce Jergenson

I chose to do my essay on my grandpa Audray because I enjoy spending time with him. He always asks me to go with him to different places.

We mostly go hunting and fishing. We go duck hunting, pheasant hunting, goose hunting, turkey hunting, and deer hunting. My favorite hunting story with my grandpa was when I ran into a ditch after a pheasant and when I got to the bottom of the ditch I fell. The best part was, the pheasant didn't fly until I got up and I shot it.

I think my favorite thing to hunt is deer. Last year was my first year deer hunting. I went deer hunting with my dad, my grandpa Audray, my cousin, and my uncle. I couldn't believe it but I got my first deer. It was very exciting! In the summer, my grandpa and I mostly fish for walleye, but sometimes we fish for crappie and sunfish. In the winter we fish for northern, walleye, and crappie.

I also stay over at his house quite often in the summer.

Another thing that I do with my grandpa is bale hay. When we bale hay, my grandpa always drives the tractor. Hooked on to the back of the tractor is the baler, and hooked on to the back of the baler is the hay rack. I stand on the hay rack and pull the hay bales out of the baler.

That is why I like to spend time with my Grandpa Audray.

My Grandpa

By April Jyrkas

For my favorite older person I chose my Grandpa Manley.

He lives here in Morris so he helps me a lot. Even when he lived far away he still was very helpful and took care of me. He has done much for me in my life.

When I was young I went to his house a lot and he always took care of me. He made sure I was happy and entertained. If I got bored he would take me down to he basement and we would play a game or do something else fun even though he couldn't see very well. He took great care of me whenever I stayed with him.

My Grandpa also helped us move to Morris. He bought us a U-haul and got somebody to drive down to the Twin Cities with it. When we got to Morris he helped unload boxes and he unpacked some things as well. He also put some furniture together. After we had moved in we didn't have very much money so he paid for the first month's rent and then helped my mom find a job.

Now that we are in Morris he can help me even more. When my mom is gone I sometimes go to his house. Now that I'm older I bring something to do but my Grandpa still makes sure I am happy. He always has candy in the house, too, whenever I come to visit. It sometimes gets boring at his house but I still love to visit him.

My grandpa has always been there for me. He has helped me all my life with whatever I needed. And just as he has helped me before I am sure he will help me in the future.

My Grandma

By Hunter Mundal

My Grandma Marilyn is a very important person in my life. She has been there through the good times and the bad. She is a very loving and patient person.

Whenever she sees me, she'll come up to me and give me a great big hug.

My Grandma travels a whole lot. She has been to all 50 states, and to England and Israel. She never went to college, but yet she is very intelligent. She is married to my Grandpa who is 81 years old.

My Grandma has had nine kids. My mom is the youngest kid.

She is so resourceful that she reuses tinfoil and Styrofoam -- I know, pretty crazy, right? My Grandma laughs a lot. She's always smiling. She also always listens to what I have to say. I want to spend as much time with her as possible because she's getting old and she could be gone any day. I don't want to think she'll die because that's sad.

Altogether there are 20 grandkids. All in all I love my grandmother and I hope she sticks around for a long, long time.

My Grandpa

By Austin Maanum

My Grandpa's name is Gordon Anderson. My Grandpa lives in Beardsley, Minnesota on main street. In the winter they go to Arizona. It's a bummer that I don't see him all winter.

Some special qualities about my Grandpa is that he works with me. He is really patient and teaches me about God. He is fun to be around because he always stays positive and cracks a joke every once in a while. The biggest quality I think he has is that he treats my Grandma right.

Most of our special experiences are fishing. We always go fishing on Big Stone Lake. He owns a cabin on Big Stone. I remember the summer when he married my Grandma. That year we fished a lot together and learned a lot about each other.

I have learned a lot from my Grandpa. For example, he taught me to play "feff," a card game. He also plays it with me. It's kind of hard to play because you need four people to play the game. He taught me to put a hook on a fishing line. I have also learned not to complain. I say that because he has had a bad hip ever since I have met him and he never complains.

Something I want to give my Grandpa is a big hug when he gets back from Arizona. I would also like to spend more time with him.

I think my Grandpa is special because he helps with absolutely everything. For instance when we moved my Great Grandma out of her house, he really worked hard.

I hoped you have enjoyed my essay about my Grandpa.

My Favorite Older People

By Jason Rinkenberger

My favorite older people are my grandpa and grandma. Their names are Don and Marian Torkelson. They live in Windom, Minn., which is three hours away from Morris. Grandpa and Grandma Torkelson are my only grandparents because my dad's parents died before I was born. I think my grandparents are great because they are nice, they're good role models, and they are fun to be around.

My grandpa and grandma are always nice to me. When I get to my grandparent's house my grandma always tries to give me something. She usually gives me a snack or a little present. When I pull the Legos out, they never get upset because I've made a mess. They don't care if I leave what I'm playing with around as long as I pick it up before I leave. When it is time to leave as I am walking out the door we hug each other and say good-bye.

Grandpa and Grandma Torkelson are role models. Most of the time, they don't make stupid decisions. They treat other people with respect and kindness. At the lake, Grandpa always watches his friends' houses while they are away. At church they are helpful because they volunteer a lot. The church honored them for their mission work. Others have given them awards. They have been honored by the Mayor of Windom for their good deeds. He gave them medals during a ceremony to recognize them.

My grandparents are fun to be around because they do fun activities. While I was growing up they spent their summers in Glenwood at Little Pelican Lake. We went there most of the time in the summer. I got to go swimming, fishing, and boating. There was a playground there that I played on with my cousins and my brother. Grandpa and Grandma would watch us. My grandma would always help me with my bait and my grandpa would let me drive the pontoon. He would also take my fish off the hook and throw it in the live well. Sometimes I'd go watch him clean the fish. Some of my fish that I caught were too small to keep but he kept them anyway and cleaned them to make me feel good. My grandpa really likes to wrestle with us. Even with all of his problems he still rough houses and goofs around with me.

My grandparents are special to me or other wise I wouldn't be talking about them. They appreciate me for who I am. That makes me feel special. That is why they are my favorite older people.