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SWCD's Stewardship Week focus on water

The National Association of Conservation Districts has proclaimed April 27 to May 4 as Stewardship Week. This year's theme is "Water is Life."

Stevens Soil & Water Conservation District is a member of the NACD. One of Stevens SWCD's main focuses is assisting people in Stevens County with learning about our natural resources and how to protect them.

This year, Stevens County SWCD donated "Water is Life" educational materials to interested area churches for use in their services during Stewardship Week. The SWCD also hosts several educational activities each year for area students and works with other agencies to deliver conservation education and programs across the area.

Stevens SWCD encourages people to think about their personal responsibility to be a good steward of natural resources, including water. What people do on the land impacts the quality and quantity of natural resources. Everything that is done in a watershed affects the watershed's system. Water is also needed to manufacture the steel in cars, to grow the cotton in blue jeans. Watersheds provide water for drinking, irrigation, farming and industry. Many people enjoy lakes and streams for their beauty and recreational value. Wildlife need healthy watersheds for food and shelter.

For information about Stewardship Week or conservation in general, contact the Stevens Soil & Water Conservation District at (320) 589-4886 ext. 3 or visit