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Stampede 4-H club takes top honors at Share the Fun

The Stampede 4-H Club took first place in the annual Stevens County 4-H Share the Fun event, held Saturday at the Morris Area High School. Sami Searle, playing the part of the Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story 2, was named the best actress for the evening.

Pep and Progress placed second, with their skit, "Clover Green and the Seven Dwarfs"

Third place was awarded to the Swan Lake 4-H Club for their skit, "Curious George Goes to the Fair."

Preston Moser of the Horton 4-H was named best actor. The club's skit was titled, "4-H Game Plan."

Cami Aanerud received the best costume award. The best set award was given to Horton 4-H.

Rendsville 4-H won the 4-H Spirit award from the judges and the Lawrence Welk award went to Hodges 4-H.

A total of seven clubs entered skits in the Share the Fun night. This year's theme was "The Magic of Disney."