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Updated: Students honored for Human Rights Essay Contest entries

Hunter Mundal, Jordan Thooft and Tori Fuhrman were honored Wednesday for their winning essays in the City of Morris Human Rights Commission Essay Contest.

All St. Mary's School 6th graders, Mundal's essay took first and a $100 award, Thooft was second and won $75 and Fuhrman was third and won $50.

The essays focused on discrimination and the winning essays were chosen by a poll of the commission members: Chair Theresa O'Halloran-Johnson, Mike Miller, Ann Streed, Bert Ahern, Tom McRoberts and City Council member Jeff Miller.

O'Halloran-Johnson made the presentations Wednesday during a brief assembly at St. Mary's Wednesday morning.

In addition to the individual awards, the St. Mary's 6th grade class was awarded $75, to be used for instructional materials.

Mundal's essay has been submitted for consideration in the Minnesota state human rights essay competition.

Here are the students' essays:

By Hunter Mundal

Discrimination is making a difference in favor of or against someone because of race, color, religion, etc. That's the definition of discrimination. You might ask yourself why people discriminate. In this essay, I will talk about why discrimination still occurs today.

There are many ways people can discriminate against others. They can discriminate because of the color of skin, race, age, gender, religion, health problems, and the list goes on and on.

Discrimination probably still happens because people are very ignorant and intolerant. The people who do discriminate against other people probably do that because it's what their parents taught them to do, and they grew up learning and doing what their surroundings taught them.

I know people still discriminate today even though it's illegal. If people did it as much as they did before it was illegal, we probably wouldn't have Hillary Clinton or Obama running for president, because one's a woman and one's black.

I have seen one example of discrimination. I've seen a little bit larger kid want to play a game, and the kids wouldn't let him because he is overweight. That's not illegal discrimination, but it's still wrong.

Illegal discrimination would be like if someone wanted to rent a house and you wouldn't let them because they're black. That's illegal discrimination.

Everyone should have the same rights. I mean, we're all human. People don't treat a dog different because its tail's too long or its eyes aren't the right color.

If people had different rights than other people it would just be plain not fair. Basically, discrimination is wrong regardless of what you think.

By Jordan Thooft

In the dictionary, discrimination is treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit. Some types of discrimination that still happen today against people are because of their age, weight, religion, gender and more.

Some people who are older may be discriminated against because of their age when being considered for a job if the employer thinks they are too old to be able to do the work. Some people are discriminated against because of their weight if people think they are too large for the job and they could be made fun of. People's religious views are discriminated against if others don't believe the same. Gender discrimination happens if a woman or man is considered not able or good enough for their work.

There are many reasons for these types of discrimination. One is because that was how people were raised to think. Another is because of jealousy, such as someone treating another differently because of wealth or looks. Also, people discriminate because of the need for control, such as a popular person making fun of someone not so popular to feel better about themselves.

Ways to prevent discrimination are to talk about it in schools and in the community and work on ways to teach others about respecting others for their differences. Another way to prevent discrimination is to teach employers and others at jobs that there are rules about discrimination that should be followed.

Discrimination still happens today, and I hope that with knowledge people will continue to learn ways to treat each other nicer as they continue to grow older.

By Tori Fuhrman

In this essay I will talk about discrimination, examples of discrimination and what I think about discrimination.

Discrimination means an act of making or recognizing differences. Discrimination would be like not hiring someone because of their religion or skin color. Discrimination is wrong for many reasons, one is that just because of a belief or what they look like shouldn't change how you look at them.

I think discrimination is wrong. I thing it is wrong for a couple of reasons, one is that everyone is made equal. Another one is that no one person should ever be judged by the way they look or how they act.

Everyone is born with human rights. Everyone has the right to be treated justly. Human rights include the right to life, liberty, and personal security, freedom of slavery, and the right to own property. When people get discriminated against that is when their human rights are violated.

I think discrimination still happens today because some people just don't want to give up that everyone is the same, should be treated the same, and deserve the same respect as others. Ignorant people just don't know how cool other people are even if they're not like you.

My conclusion of this essay is that everyone has human rights, and everyone should be treated the same. I feel that if you believe you should be treated humanly you should treat them humanly.