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Tiger wrestlers place at WCC South tourney

Before the state shut down wrestling for eight days due to a contagious skin disease, the Morris Area/Hancock wrestling team participated in the West Central South Conference wrestling tournament Jan. 26.

All seven teams in the conference took part, including BOLD/Buffalo Lake-Hector, Montevideo, Yellow Medicine East, Lac qui Parle Valley, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City, Benson, and Morris Area/Hancock.

Four Tigers took third place in the tournament: Tim Ostby, Josh Nelson, Travis Thooft, and Travis Moser.

Eric Goette, Tanner Berning, and Max Koehntop finished in fourth place for the Tigers.

Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City won the tournament with 224 points. The runner-up was Yellow Medicine East with a 207. BOLD/Buffalo Lake-Hector was third with 199 points.

Three teams, including the Tigers, finished within five points. Lac qui Parle Valley had 98 points, Benson had 96.5 points, and Morris Area/Hancock finished with 93 points.

Rounding out the scoring was Montevideo with 66 points.

Landon Cole of YME was named the tournament's outstanding wrestler.

Following are results of the tournament. Tiger wrestlers are listed in bold.

103 pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Mike Kramer, ACGC, bye; Devin Enevoldsen, Mon, maj Dylan Croatt, LQPV, 13-5; Tim Ostby, MH, dec Levi Specht, YME, 4-0; Kyle Schulte, BBLH, bye

SEMIFINALS: Kramer pin Enevoldsen 3:57; Schulte pin Ostby 3:42

CONSOLATION: Ostby pin Croatt 4:45; Specht pin Enevoldsen 2:47

5TH PLACE: Enevoldsen dec Coratt 8-2

3RD PLACE: Ostby pin Specht 2:19

CHAMPIONSHIP: Schulte dec Kramer 6-3

112 pounds

QUARTER: Ben Meyer, ACGC, bye; Sam Haas, LQPV, maj Tim Macziewski, Mon, 8-0; Josh Nelson, MH, bye;Austen Cole, YME, pin Alex Steffel, BBLH, 1:49

SEMI: Meyer maj Haas 12-1; Cole dec Nelson 8-1

CONS: Nelson dec Macziewski 11-0; Haas dec Steffel 2-1

5TH: Steffel dec Macziewski 9-3

3RD: Nelson dec Haas 5-0

CHAMP: Meyer techfall Cole 18-2

119 pounds

QUARTER: Pat LeVasseur, BBLH, bye; Lane Mitchell, LQPV, bye; Jordan Hegna, YME, bye; Scott Litzau, ACGC, bye

SEMI: LeVasseur pin Mitchell 2:33; Litzau pin Hegna 2:51

CONS: Hegna bye; Mitchell bye

3RD: Hegna dec Mitchell 2-0

CHAMP: LeVasseur dec Litzau 2-1

125 pounds

QUARTER: Casey Field, YME, dec Colton Kanstrup, LQPV, 7-0; Ryan Thompson, Ben, dec Josh Anderson, Mon, 8-2; Eric Goette, MH, dec Tom Brenner, BBLH, 6-2; Bill Wheeler, ACGC, bye

SEMI: Field maj Thompson 9-1; Wheeler dec Goette 3-2

CONS: Goette dec Kanstrup 3-1; Brenner dec Thompson 14-12, ot

5TH: Thompson dec Kanstrup 3-1

3RD: Brenner dec Goette 6-3

CHAMP: Field dec Wheeler 3-1

130 pounds

QUARTER: Ross Neiubauer, BBLH, bye; Tanner Berning, MH, maj Isaac Sulflow, Mon, 12-1; Justin Tongen, YME, tcfl Aaron Thoreson 17-1; Brad Plumhoff, Ben, bye

SEMI: Neubauer pin Berning 3:38; Tongen dec Plumhoff 9-2

CONS: Plumhoff pin Sulflow :47; Berning dec Thorseson 8-1

5TH: Thoreson dec Sulflow 7-5

3RD: Plumhoff pin Berning 2:11

CHAMP: Neubauer pin Tongen 1:38

135 pounds

QUARTER: Landen Cole, YME, maj Brett Hoffman, Ben, 15-6; Zach Weckwerth, Mon, bye; Travis Thooft, MH, bye; Matt Pearson, ACGC, bye

SEMI: Cole techfall Weckwerth 21-6; Pearson dec Thooft 8-2

CONS: Thooft pin Hoffman 4:16; Weckwerth dec Kanstrup 5-2

5TH: Kanstrup pin Hoffman 1:53

3RD: Thooft dec Weckwerth 5-0

CHAMP: Cole dec Pearson 6-2

140 pounds

QUARTER: Chris Harmon, BBLH, dec Zac Zinda, LQPV, 8-1; Miles Staton, Ben, bye; Wyatt Sand, YME, dec Travis Nohl, MH, 10-5; Sam Aalfs, Mon, maj Travis Whitcomb, ACGC, 12-2

SEMI: Harmon techfall Staton 19-3; Sand won by disqualification over Aalfs

CONS: Zinda dec Aalfs 9-7; Staton dec Whitcomb 7-2

5TH: Aalfs dec Whitcomb 7-2

3RD: Zinda dec Staton 14-2

CHAMP: Harmon won by injury default over Sand

145 pounds

QUARTER: Tony Klosterboer, Mon, bye; Jack Massee, LQPV, pin Kyle Feuchtenberger, MH, 2:50; Eric Dubbelde, YME, dec Cody Hatch, BBLH, 10-8; Travis Frederiksen, ACGC, pin Brady Wersinger, Ben, :22

SEMI: Klosterboer pin Massee :33; Dubbelde dec Frederiksen 6-5

CONS: Frederiksen techfall Feuchtenberger 16-1; Hatch dec Massee 4-3

5TH: Massee dec Feuchtenberger 8-4

3RD: Hatch dec Frederiksen 3-2

CHAMP: Klosterboer dec Dubbelde 14-8

152 pounds

QUARTER: Brandon Berens, Ben, bye; Tyler Kramer, BBLH, pin Michael Kosak, YME, 4:53; Matt Brehmer, LQPV, bye; Erick Larson, ACGC, pin Garrett Norby, Mon, :15

SEMI: Berens dec Kramer 7-0; Larson dec Brehmer 3-2

CONS: Brehmer pin Kosak 2:00; Kramer pin Norby 1:38

5TH: Norby pin Kosak 2:51

3RD: Brehmer dec Kramer 8-2

CHAMP: Berens dec Larson 2-1

160 pounds

QUARTER: A.J. Fredriksen, ACGC, pin Robert Kastner, MH, :40; Tim Lundebrek, Ben, bye; Sam Steffel, BBLH, techfall Fritjof Engebretson, LQPV, 15-0; Phil Johnsonm YME, bye

SEMI: Frederiksen pin Lundebrek 3:07; Steffel pin Johnson 5:53

CONS: Johnson pin Kastner :36; Lundebrek techfall Engebretson 15-0

5TH: Engebretson pin Kastner 1:51

3RD: Johnson dec Lundebrek 10-3

CHAMP: Frederiksen dec Steffel 14-2

171 pounds

QUARTER: Micah Larson, ACGC, maj Kyle Pietig, BBLH, 10-1; Max Koehntop, MH, bye; Tony Ludvigson, LQPV, pin Ryan Unke, Ben, 3:44; Martin Hagen, YME, bye

SEMI: Larson dec Koehntop 7-4; Hagen dec Ludvigson 10-4

CONS: Ludvigson pin Pietig 4:22; Koehntop pin Unke 2:22

5TH: Pietig dec Unke 9-2

3RD: Ludvigson dec Koehntop 3-1

CHAMP: Hagen dec Larson 14-3

189 pounds

QUARTER: Nic Leither, ACGC, bye; Ethan Sander, YME, bye; Jordan Welling, Mon, bye; Chris Carruth, Ben, bye

SEMI: Leither pin Sander 1:10; Carruth pin Welling 4:41

CONS: Welling bye; Sander bye

3RD: Sander pin Welling :52

CHAMP: Leither pin Carruth 5:05

215 pounds

QUARTER: Brian Hagen, BBLH, bye; Travis Moser, MH, pin Jason MacKenzie, LQPV, :18; Evan Stock, YME, bye; David Nelson, ACGC, pin Justin Golden, Ben, :41

SEMI: Hagen dec Moser 12-7; Nelson pin Stock 3:46

CONS: Stock pin Mackenzie :22; Moser pin Golden 2:10

5TH: Golden pin Mackenzie 1:42

3RD: Moser dec Stock 1-0

CHAMP: Hagen dec Nelson 5-2

275 pounds

QUARTER: Brent Christenson, BBLH, bye; Dalton Staton, Ben, bye; Sam Isfeld, YME, bye; Josh Lies, ACGC, bye

SEMI: Christenson pin Staton :58; Isfeld dec Lies 7-4

CONS: Lies bye; Staton bye

3RD: Lies pin Staton 3:15

CHAMP: Christenson dec Isfeld 9-6