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Three Assumption Parish employees resign or on leave

By Tom Larson

Sun Tribune

Three Assumption Parish employees have resigned or been placed on leave from positions, and church officials are working to fill the vacancies.

The resignations of St. Mary's School Principal Susan Hennen and Faith Formation Director Robyn Lampert were accepted, and Deacon Stan Hennen was placed on leave from his position as Pastoral Associate.

The Assumption Parish Pastoral Council announced the moves at a Feb. 1 special meeting, and a written notice of the decisions was made available to church-goers.

The notice was generated by Father Alan Wielenski, Parish Council President Jay Dietz, and trustees Carol Burke and Suzette Fitzgerald.

Susan Hennen, Stan Hennen and Lampert were contacted Tuesday and all said they preferred to not make statements regarding their resignations or leave.

Dietz said he spoke with Wielenski Tuesday and said the parish also would not issue additional public statements beyond those included in the notice.

The notice from the Parish Pastoral Council stated, "Please be aware that the church trustees have been closely involved with all situations and have been involved in, and in support of, all decisions to this point.

"All your concerns, prayers, support and thoughtfulness as we go through this time of transition is greatly appreciated. We are asking you to please choose not to participate in harmful gossip and unhelpful conversations at this time. This is not helpful for anyone, and can cause irreparable damage if allowed to continue unchecked."

According to the notice, Susan Hennen resigned her principal's position and that "Upon her request, the personnel committee has regretfully accepted immediate resignation."

Barb Spaulding, a St. Mary's third-grade teacher, will be acting principal. Assumption is working with the Diocese of St. Cloud while searching for a permanent replacement.

Lampert also requested an immediate resignation that the personnel committee accepted. The Faith Formation Steering Committee appointed Tom Noel as temporary Faith Foundation coordinator. Deb Hennen will continue as seventh- and eighth-grade coordinator, and Mark Brown will continue as director of Youth Ministry and will assist with preparation of confirmation students, according to the notice.

The decision to place Deacon Hennen on leave was made through consultations involving the Assumption personnel committee, the Vicar General -- acting on behalf of Bishop John F. Kinney's office -- and the diocese's Vicar of Deacons, according to the notice, which also stated, "Resolution to the personnel issue regarding Deacon Stan is pending at this time, awaiting involvement and guidance from Bishop John F. Kinney."