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Letters to the Editor

Liberals want

Bush to look bad

There seems to be endless harping by liberals that our troops should get out of Iraq, and "arm chair generals" keep insisting our troops must leave. They claim to support our troops but they certainly are not doing so by wanting us to cut and run. If people would only listen to the troops who come back from Iraq, they would know that even the troops want us to stay the course and finish the job, which I have also heard parents of troops killed in Iraq say. On the evening news, it seems like the newscasters can hardly wait to make the news of our loss of troops the first thing on their agenda. I have no recollection of it ever being that way in a Democrat administration for they simply were not "keeping score" then, although casualties were far greater at that time. It looks to me like liberals merely want the Bush Administration to look bad. Some claim that the Iraqi people are unwilling to protect their country themselves and that simply is not true. They are doing exactly that, and Iraqi soldiers and policemen have already given their lives to protect their country. But we must realize that it takes time to train them properly. They simply need our assistance a while longer before they can completely take over.

I can't help but question how genuine all this claimed concern for loss of lives is considering the fact that those same people have no outcry against the loss of innocent lives due to abortion. Surely one life is as precious as the next and those babies, if allowed to be born, could grow up to be soldiers, too. Then they would at least have the chance to try to defend their lives, not so when the life is snuffed out in the womb.

1 would like to suggest that anyone who continually complains about the loss of lives in Iraq needs to run for some political office. Then maybe they can yoke together with John Murtha and maybe overnight come up with a solution that suits their fancy that will stop the killing. I do hope that in their plan they also include stopping the killing of babies.

IngaMae B. Urke


Keep chimes turned up

I have to agree with Ted Storck (Letters to the Editor, July 22 Sun Tribune).

Get up and live a little.

I live on west Highway 28, and I have to listen to these people going by with their "boom boxes" blaring, so that you can feel the vibration.

I would much rather listen to those beautiful chimes every day.

It's nice to go out to the cemetery and be able to listen to either the Summit side or Calvary side. Don't turn them down so you can't hear them from one side or the other.

It just seems you can't please everyone, but don't let those people interfere with us who really enjoy them.

Karen Bolling


Calendar question

I notice in the calendar the Morris Area Schools sent to postal customers in the Morris area that it lists Thanksgiving Day, Martin Luther King Day, New Years Day, Memorial Day, etc., but not one mention of Christmas on Dec. 25, just 'Winter Break" over that week.

Aren't we carrying this separation of church and state just a little far?

Ted Storck