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District Court

State Patrol

Michael Jerome Olson, Coon Rapids, 3/31/06; speeding; $132.

Audrey Ann Sieben, Elbow Lake, 12/2/05; charged on three counts of DWI. Two of the charges are dismissed while the disposition is guilty on the other; $1,707 with $750 stayed for two years on conditions, 120 days jail with 118 stayed for two years on conditions, two years probation.

Melissa Fleck-Grinsteiner, Hancock, 4/25/06; speeding; $142.

Stevens County Sheriff

Thomas Edward Holker, Beardsley, 4/29/06; speeding; $142.

Cyrus Bina, Alexandria, 4/24/06; speeding; $122.

Ziegfred Michael Jarcik Jr., Kingman, AZ, 5/1/06; speeding; $122.

Shari Lynette Hansen, Browns Valley, 4/20/06; speeding; $142.

Amy Alyce Kloos, Donnelly, 4/27/06; speeding; $142.

Timothy Kevin Sparks, Frazee, 4/21/06; speeding; $122.

Mark Steven Taffe, Graceville, 4/23/06; speeding; $122.

Jaclyn Ann Newhouse, Hancock, 4/15/06; speeding; $222.

Harvey Jacob Joos, Hancock, 4/11/06; operate vehicle with expired registration; $102.

Morris Police

Garrett Christopher James, Pierre, SD, 4/8/06; charged on one count of possession of drug paraphernalia and another of possession/sale of small amounts of marijuana. The disposition is guilty on both. On count 1, $264; and on count 2, $264.

Neal George Robertson, Roseau, 4/8/06; possession of drug paraphernalia; $132.

Jessica Hodgson, Morris, 11/30/05; parking in snow alert area; $44.

Jacob Bastow Shoop, Fargo, ND, 4/8/06; possession of drug paraphernalia; $132.

Daniel Jeffrey Zahl, Morris, 11/30/05; park in snow alert area; $44.

Lisa Bullick, Hoffman, 8/31/05; overtime parking; $44.

UMM Police

Stephen Oliver Fuerste Langmo, Minneapolis, 4/23/06; possession of drug paraphernalia; $132.