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Loren Hacker fills Hancock Superintendent position

Loren Hacker is the new superintendent for Hancock

HANCOCK, Minn. -- The school is a lonely place in the summer. What is missing? According to Loren Hacker, the new part-time Superintendent in Hancock, it is the energy of the children.

Hacker started at the Hancock School in July and during the last several weeks he has missed the energy that students bring to a school building. However, he has also been busy getting familiar with the many things involved with his job and looks forward to meeting the staff, students and people in Hancock.

Hacker grew up in Canby and has lived there most of his life. He graduated from Canby High School in 1973 and then went to college at the University of Minnesota, Morris. After getting his teaching degree for Social Studies and Phy Ed he taught for two years at Macintosh, So. Dak. From there he moved back to Canby where he worked as a teacher and coach. He then spent 22 years in Dawson teaching social studies, coaching and serving as Principal. After getting his 5th year Administrators Degree from Mankato State University he returned to Canby where he worked as the superintendent for 11 years. During that time he also was a part-time superintendent in Hendricks, Minn. where he had the challenge of getting school districts to work together and resolve some of their problems.

Hacker retired in 2012 but that did not end his career. Last year he worked as an interim superintendent in MACCRAY and this year will work in Hancock. In MACCRAY he filled in until the district could hire a new, full-time superintendent. In Hancock, his job will be more to fulfill the superintendent duties along with mentoring Principal Tim Pahl with a goal of him taking over the position at some point in the future.

Hacker noted that former Superintendent Jerry Martinsen did a wonderful job in Hancock. Everything is in order and the facilities are well maintained. He added that Pahl is an excellent Principal and he is looking forward to getting to know the staff. He has been excited about the growth Hancock has seen as a small school.

He will be taking his position one year at a time and staying as long as he is needed. Hacker added that he is very impressed with the school system and the huge amount of community support given to the school. He added that the students have recorded excellent test scores and the staff is doing a wonderful job. He noted that communities with a school within the town, tend to have a stronger sense of protecting the school and children attending it.

Hacker will be working two or three days a week in Hancock. On his off days he hopes to still enjoy his semi-retirement. He and his wife, Karen, who is also a retired teacher, like to travel and spend time with their two children. Their daughter Emily is a nurse in Rochester and son, Evan, is a cable technician in Fargo.

Hacker also likes to go fishing (he just returned from a salmon fishing excursion,) hunting and gardening. He pretty much enjoys anything that allows him to spend time outdoors. He was also a wrestling coach for many years so continues to follow the sport in his spare time. In fact, he knows Spencer Yohe quite well as his Canby team faced Yohe’s Hancock squad.

Very soon now those lonely halls at Hancock Public Schools will be filled with the energy of students and staff. You will also find the smiling face of Supt. Loren Hacker greeting each one and watching the future unfold. Not only does he enjoy the energy of the students but also watching them learn not just in the classroom but on the playground, school bus, gym floor, football field and wherever they may gather. It is like being part of the future when you are part of educating a child.