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Looking Back 080914

65 Years Ago Items from the Sun of August 9, 1949

A goodly crowd of spectators from Morris and neighboring villages attended the water pageant at the Pomme de Terre recreational reserve Sunday afternoon. The purpose of the water safety program of the Red Cross and a number of its phases were portrayed in swimming, diving and life-saving exhibitions by various students.  There was a brief exhibition of ballet swimming, a canoeing exhibition, and a generous mixture of comedy in the program, which closed with several races between members of the various classes.  

The Morris Eagles suffered their first defeat in the Pomme de Terre league's double elimination playoff when Hancock triumphed by a 7-3 score in the game played under the Morris floodlights Sunday evening.  The Morris Eagles will risk elimination from the playoff when it plays its third round game. A team is eliminated from the playoff when it has lost two games.  

Dr. A. O. Eide, son-in-law of Dr. A. I. Arneson of this city, will open offices in Hancock and enter into the practice of medicine there on Aug. 15, it was announced yesterday.  Dr. Eide will also assist Dr. Arneson in his work at the Stevens County hospital.  Dr. and Mrs. Eide and daughter Barbara, who have been visiting at the Arneson home since their return from Japan in June, moved to Hancock last week to take up their residence there. Dr. Eide's offices in Hancock will be located in the former Red Owl store.

A 17-day pheasant hunting season beginning Oct. 15 and a five-day regular deer season were announced for Minnesota Saturday by Conservation Commissioner Chester Wilson. Open seasons on ruffed grouse, sharptailed grouse, Hungarian partridge, quail, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and deer by bow and arrow and shotgun also were announced.

45 Years Ago Items from the Tribune of August 7, 1969

It was “harvesting in a hurry” at the Charles DeBuhr farm in Synnes Township Monday afternoon when neighbors with 10 combines and 10 trucks converged on the farm and combined 125 acres of rye in a five-hour period. The bee was a friendly, thoughtful gesture by neighbors toward the DeBuhr family, several members of whom were injured in an automobile accident near Clontarf on June 15. Mrs. DeBuhr is still hospitalized at Benson. Men taking part in the harvesting operations were Manly and Speed Anderson, LuDean, Victor, Myron and Marvin Bruer, Hans Meyer, Kermit Stahn, Jim Schneider, Sig Hagen, Robert and Scott Staples, Douglas Krueger, Lloyd Hagen, Gordon Krosch, Mike Berg, Herb Jacobson, Jim Erickson, Leo Schuster and Harlan Swenson.  Ladies who gathered at the DeBuhr farm to help serve the afternoon lunch to the crew in the field were Mrs. Hans Meyer, Mrs. Manly Anderson, Mrs. Douglas Krueger, Mrs. Clarence Schuster, Mrs. Leo Schuster and Diane Anderson, along with Joyce and Janice DeBuhr.  The work bee at the DeBuhr farm was one of  at least three prime examples of the “good neighbor” policy in this area this week. Beverages for the crew were contributed by the Synnes Store.

   Miss Julie Carlson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Carlson of Chokio, will leave Aug.10 for Myrtle Beach, S. C., where on Aug. 11, 12 and 13 she will represent Minnesota in the National Princess Soya contest to be held in connection with the national convention of the American Soybean Association. Julie was selected the Minnesota Princess Soya from a field of nine contestants in competition at Dawson on April 5.

Stevens County and Morris city officials and a group of Morris business and professional men conferred with four officials of the Great Northern Railway Tuesday morning in the Morris Chamber of Commerce office in regard to the Great Northern's proposed plan to reduce passenger service through Morris. The proposed reduction in passenger service involves Trains 27 and 28 (Western Star), now operating through Morris, to be re-routed via St. Cloud between the Twin Cities and Fargo. The Empire Builder, now operating through Morris, would continue to serve towns along this division. The Empire Builder would be a flag stop at Morris, as it would be at Benson and Litchfield, under the proposal.

The Pomme de Terre City Park was the stage last Saturday evening when Shakespeare In The Streets, well known professional troupe from the Twin Cities, presented “Romeo and Juliet” in an under-the-skies setting, as was the practice in the Elizabethan era 400 years ago. The free to the public entertainment was presented under the auspices of the Morris Parks and Recreation Department and the Minnesota State Arts Council.

   Mrs. Helen Ryan of Little Falls, who served as sheriff of Stevens county from 1935 until 1940 following the death of her husband, Sheriff Stanley Ryan, was recently honored by the Stevens County board of commissioners by being named “Honorary Sheriff” of the county. She received the certificate of her new office from County Auditor Elmer F. Anderson in St. Otto's Home in Little Falls, where she is a resident.

25 Years Ago Items taken from the Sun of August 1, 1989

A good  turnout was on hand at Frederick's on Fifth in Morris for the annual highlight on the 4-H calendar. Ready for the fashion revue were Jodi Sleiter of Pep and Progress, David Hanrahan of the Horton 4-H Club, Sara Huntley of Hodges, Lori Luthi of Hodges, Amy Reuter of Swan Lake and Kerry Stoick of Pep and Progress, Angie Stark of Swan Lake, Connie Stark of Swan Lake, Carrie Larson of Scott, Rebecca Krueger of Scott, Amy Thorstad of Pep and Progress and Sarah Burnett of Scott.

Edward Mills, President of the “Milsolv”Companies announced plans today to open an ethanol plant in Morris, Minn. The proposed plant in Morris will have an initial capacity to produce four million gallons of fuel grade ethyl alcohol per year and will use 1.6 million bushels of corn. The plant will also produce about 14 thousand tons of DDGS (distillers dried grain with solubles) to be used as animal feed, and about 13 thousand tons of carbon dioxide. The closed system plant using a dry milling operation will be operated 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and will require 15 employees initially.

Mary Wu of Morris has her feet firmly planted in three cultures-the Chinese of her ancestry, the American of her birth, and the German from her year as an exchange student. She said she has always planned to have a career in international relations and study history and Chinese. To that now will be added the new interest in German, and a desire to learn French and Russian and more of the Spanish she began at Morris High School. Mary sees herself eventually as an international lawyer or in the diplomatic service. While away she did miss her family and the Chinese part of her heritage. Mary said she gained a greater appreciation of her parents and what they had had to go through to leave China and come to the U.S. Mary will leave Morris again this fall when she begins college at Stanford University in California.

The Berger Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Geo Volleyball team won the Holloway Summerfest Volleyball Tournament July 15 and 16. Team members include Bonnie Hall, Jill Beauregard, Jackie Wistrcill, Mark Estenson, Jeff Mahoney and Dan Dripps.