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Nancy Taffe will continue campaign for state representative

MORRIS – Nancy Taffe of Morris announced Wednesday that she will continue her campaign for the House of Representatives in District 12A and challenge endorsed candidate Jeff Backer in a primary election.

“I have received overwhelming support since I began my campaign, and have had so much encouragement to continue in the race,” said Taffe in a statement. “We usually have a choice between a polished politician versus a professional politician and I want to offer voters a new option, a candidate like myself who cares about the future of this community and is not a career politician.”

Taffe said jobs, education and agriculture will be her main legislative priorities if she is elected.

“We need to cut the unnecessary regulations and taxes that are burdening our small businesses so we can grow our economy, and create incentives for people to want to live and work here,” said Taffe.

District 12A Republicans endorsed Backer, a small business owner from Browns Valley, at their district convention on Saturday, March 22. Backer earned the endorsement on the first ballot, picking up just over 60 percent of the total votes at the convention in Elbow Lake.

House District 12A includes seven counties: all of Stevens, Traverse Grant, Wilkin and Big Stone counties and the western half of Pope and Douglas counties.

Minnesota’s primary election will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014.

The Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office offers the following information on primary elections: In a partisan primary election, voters can only vote for candidates from one political party. The front of the ballot will include a column for each major political party. Voters can choose any one political party on the ballot, but voting for candidates from more than one party voids all votes on the party portion of the ballot. Voters are not required to publically declare an affiliation with a party because Minnesota does not have political party registration.

Correction: This article originally stated the District 12A convention was held on Saturday, May 22. This was incorrect. The convention was held on Saturday, March 22 in Elbow Lake. The story has been changed to correct this mistake.