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St. Mary's Sampling 4-19-2014

A review of happenings and upcoming events at St. Mary’s School in Morris, (320) 589-1704.

Kindergarten:  Another cold week---We had a short week but got a lot done.  It was Joshua’s birthday. We celebrated the Seder Meal it was fantastic and meaningful.  We are anxious for our “planned” days off.  Have a Blessed Easter!

Grade 1:  We are working very hard on 2-digit addition.  We have learned a few different ways to solve 2-digit addition equations and we are finding the ways we like best.  In social studies we are learning about how different cultures have an influence on some of our traditions.  In science, we are learning about weather and different tools used for measuring weather – thermometer, wind vane, rain guage.  We enjoyed the Seder Meal on Wednesday.  Have a very Blessed Easter!

Grade 2:  This week we were excited to learn the new cursive writing strokes and to continue practicing reading cursive letters and words.  We also finished our unit on the Solar System and completed our unit assessment.  We will be moving on to physical science after Easter.  The St. Mary’s students made Sedar Meal placemats and enjoyed a wonderful Sedar meal with friends and family on Wednesday.  We look forward to spending our Easter holiday with our families.  

Grade 3:  It may have been cold this week but we enjoyed being able to be in school each day!  In math we practiced dividing with remainders and used fractions to write word problems.  We also made a circle graph to show how we spend our time on a school day.  Our Scholastic News discussed how elephants are endangered due to poaching to get their ivory tusks.  There are only about 500,000 African elephants left and they are being killed at a rate of about 96 per day.  The United States and some other countries are banning the sale of most ivory products to try to help stop this practice by poachers.  We all enjoyed our Seder Meal on Wednesday and wish you all a very Blessed Easter celebration this Sunday!

Grade 4: We are continuing to work on problems that involve division in math class. We dove into working on mean, median, and mode which has gone really well. In science class we have been tracking our eagle cam and two of three eagle eggs have hatched. We are excited to see when the third one will hatch. We all really enjoyed spending time with our families during our Seder Meal on Wednesday. We would like to wish you all a happy and blessed Easter!

Grade 5 and 6: This was a short but busy week. In math the sixth grader took a test on “Proportional Relationships”. The fifth graders are continuing to work with multiplying whole numbers and decimals and finding the patterns. In social we are working on our MN project and currently learning about the  first Native American settlers in Minnesota. On Wednesday we enjoyed a wonderful Seder Meal with our family and friends. We wish all a very happy and blessed Easter!

Principal’s Notes: The falling snow on Wednesday, did not hinder our Seder Meal.  So many of the  parents and grandparents helped us celebrate our tradition of 3,000 years ago.  Monday, we had a full house for our Preschool Night and Mickey Mouse popped in for a visit.  Next week we will once again sing the Alleluia after burying it the day before Ash Wednesday.  I hope everyone has a Blessed Easter with family and friends at your side.  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  He Is Risen!