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Morris resident wings $30,000 from Minnesota Lottery

Rita Riley of Morris recently won $30,000 in the Minnesota State Lottery's Minnesota Crossword scratch game.

MORRIS – What would you do if you won the Lottery? Renata (Rita) Riley of Morris got a taste of that dream when she recently won $30,000 on a Minnesota scratch-off ticket.

She and husband Leo were eating at the Dew Drop Inn in Hoffman when she discovered at the checkout that she had $10 in her coat pocket. She bought three different scratch-off tickets.

“I don’t buy (tickets) very often and I don’t generally keep money in my coat pocket. I knew I’d won something, but had no idea what,” said Riley. She took the winning ticket to Marshall where one can redeem tickets up to $30,000.

When asked there how much she thought she had won, she responded, “maybe $800 to $1,000. I was shocked when she told me I’d won $30,000. I just stood and looked at her.”

What did Rita do with her winnings? “I put it in the bank,” she said.

Leo farms on the Riley family site near Morris. The Rileys have a daughter, Alisa (Robbie) Henrichs, and granddaughter, Chloe, all of Evansville.