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Cause of fatal car-train collision remains unknown

MORRIS – The cause of a car-train accident that killed a 53-year-old woman in December will likely remain a mystery.

“We may never really know the final cause for the accident,” said Morris Police Chief Ross Tiegs.

Lisa Daleo of Alberta was killed just after 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 11 when the car she was driving westbound on Fifth Street, Highway 28, in Morris was struck by a BNSF train traveling north.

The medical examiner’s report did not indicate that drugs, alcohol or other physical problems were a factor in the accident, Tiegs said.

Because of the condition of the vehicle, investigators could not determine if there were mechanical problems that led to the accident.

Investigators did review a video from the BNSF train that showed the vehicle stopping inside the gate with the front wheels on the eastern rail just before the collision, Tiegs said.

While the video did show the that the train attempted to stop and sounded a warning before the impact “no clear clues were shown as a reason the vehicle stopped on the rail,” Tiegs said.