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Morris Area School Board reorganizes, Gartland re-elected chair

MORRIS, Minn. - MORRIS – The Morris Area School Board unanimously re-elected their existing executive team for the 2014.

At a reorganization meeting on Wednesday, the board elected Kurt Gartland as chair, Robyn Van Eps as vice chair and Dick Metzger as clerk/treasurer.

The board also held a discussion about the dates and times for the school board meetings through June 2015 and where to hold the regular meetings.

For the last few years, the board has held their October meeting in the Donnelly Town Hall. Board member Brent Fuhrman asked whether that meeting was an effective use of resources given that community attendance has been very low.

Chair Kurt Gartland said he was not sure whether low attendance was a result of timing of the meeting or lack of interest.

Superintendent Scott Monson noted that one of the board’s goals for the upcoming year is community engagement and suggested that cancelling the meeting in Donnelly would be against that goal. Monson suggested taking a look at how the board tried to engage the community in Donnelly before changing the meeting location.

After some discussion, the board voted to move the meeting in Donnelly from October to Sept. 22, in the hopes that a different month will encourage attendance.

The board will also hold a meeting in Cyrus, which is scheduled for May 19, 2014.

The board also directed Monson to look at a new location for the regular board meetings in Morris. Monson suggested using a music room in the elementary school building, which will have space for the board and any attendees, but provide better acoustics.

The board also made several changes to their standing committee assignments, which are as follows:

• Facilities: Brad Zimmel, Brent Fuhrman, Norm Nissen, Stan Wulf

• Finance: Dick Metzger, Jamie Solvie, Kurt Gartland, Lisa Kurtz, Norm Nissen

• Meet and Confer: Brent Fuhrman, Christy Hubbard, Robyn Van Eps

• Licensed Staff Negotiations: Kurt Gartland, Norm Nissen, Brent Fuhrman

• Non-Licensed Staff Negotiations: Doug Stahman, Jamie Solvie, Lory Lemke

• Strategic Planning: Doug Stahman, Lory Lemke, Robyn Van Eps, Stan Wulf