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60 Years Ago

Items from the Sun of December 29, 1953

Weatherwise, 1953 was another satisfying year, which makes it two years in succession. Except for April, which was about four degrees colder than the average, temperatures were above normal most of the time.  Snowfall was lighter than usual; there was an ample supply of precipitation for the average crop, though not excessive at any time; there were no untimely storms to wreck things; there were no long spells of extremely cold or hot weather, and only 23 days of sub-zero temperatures.  

To the first baby born in the Stevens County Memorial Hospital in 1954 the merchants will present a variety of gifts. The gifts average about $5 in value, making the shower of presents for the winner of the new year's baby derby worth about $60.  

A New Year's Eve's square dancing party will be held in the Donnelly hall on Thursday evening, starting at 8:30. Duane Johnson of Brooten will be the caller.  Everyone is invited to attend.

For Minnesota, the 1953 crop season ranks among the very best to terms of aggregate production of all crops, according to the State Federal Crop and Livestock Reporting Service.  The combined production of major grain crops, including corn and soybeans, totaled nearly 12.4 million tons, exceeded only by the record of 13.5 million tons in 1948 and 12.9 million tons last year, 1952.   

A record production of soybeans, and the second largest crop of corn were important factors in the large 1953 output.  

Four Wampum prizes amounting to $700 will be offered by Morris business and professional firms , Wednesday, regular weekly, Wampum Day in this city. Heading the list of prizes is the $400 regular jackpot.  This is the largest Wampum prize offered for many months.  The other three prizes Wednesday will be special awards of $100  each. These prizes do not increase if they are not won but remain constant at $100 each.

40 Years Ago

Items from the

Tribune of

December 27, 1973

Helping to usher in 1974, will be the 23rd annual “Baby Derby,” with prizes offered to the first baby born in Stevens County Memorial Hospital.  A shower of gifts offered by local merchants will await the lucky winner, with prizes valued at more than $80 for the winner.

Dick Bluth will be sworn in as the new Stevens county auditor at the annual meeting of the bard of county commissioners Jan. 8.  Bluth, who was named to succeed Elmer F. Anderson in November, formerly served as manager of the Morris Area Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Anderson announced his retirement in October after 39 years of service as county auditor, the longest continuous tenure of any present county auditor in the state of Minnesota.

According to the latest official figures from the Social Security Administration, the pension payments locally are relatively high.  And they will be rising still further during 1974 by virtue of action just taken by Congress to increase benefits by 11 percent.  As of the beginning of this year, it is shown, payments to Stevens County beneficiaries were at the rate of $1,412 per year, as against $884 three years ago. It was more than in many parts of the country.  

After Jan. 1, 1974, the villages of Chokio, Alberta, Donnelly, Cyrus and Hancock, as well as all other villages in the state, will no longer be villages, but will be given the status of a city, according to a new state city-village council code. A village can refer to itself either as a village or a city, but the term “city” will be used in all references to the municipality by the state.


20 Years Ago

Items from the

Tribune of

December 23, 1993

The zero percent Christmas Loan Program has been  successful and is now coming to an end. To date there is approximately $26,000 out in loans, compared to $30,000 at the end of last year's promotion.

The Recycling Project at Stevens County DAC has recycled over 500 tons of newspaper and nearly 250,000 pounds of aluminum since its start in the fall of 1984. Lately the DAC has been experiencing “illegal” dumping in the drop boxes. We have found garbage and medical waste, some of which is dangerous.  Other items like plastic, tin and glass have also been found and are recyclable but not in DAC drop boxes. Although most people have taken responsibility for properly disposing of their own waste, it is because of this “illegal” dumping that the DAC decided to remove the drop boxes in Cyrus and Hancock during this past year. We wish to thank those people who have responsibly participated in our recycling programs and remind you that you can continue to recycle using the recycling trailer in your communities.  

MAHS seventh graders in Helen Heintzelman's Plus Group, who call themselves “Mrs. H's Looney Tunes,” helped distribute Salvation Army Christmas kits to residents at the Villa last week.  Villa resident Eli Nohl was present after the distribution.  The “Looney Tunes” are Marc Wolff, Mark Dahlseng, Aaron Krosch, Jeremy Michaelson, Corey Ask, Nathan Pieske, Steve Rinkenberger, Ian Perkins, Taunya Bayer, Sarah Sperr, Tracy Sayre, Tammy Hansen, Alexis Koehl, Ashley Boettcher, Chuck Griffith and Karla Kopel.