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Westmor tank shop expansion nearly completed

MORRIS – Westmor Industries is nearly finished with a major expansion to their tank shop that will accommodate a new piece of equipment and help the shop reorganize to improve workflow and efficiency.

Jason Cook, Tank Shop Production Manager, said the 60’ by 175’ addition along the north end of the building will house a new sheet blaster and provide space for the tank shop to spread out in a well-organized building.

In the past, Westmor did their blasting using sand in a booth outside the production facility. In October 2010 they moved the sheet blasting over to the truck production facility on the other side of the facility.

Adding a second piece of sheet blasting equipment will help increase capacity for both shops. At the same time, staff will be changing the layout of the shop and tweaking their assembly process to make it more efficient and more organized. They’ll also be moving some staff up from a different building, freeing up time that staff would spend moving pieces between buildings.

Right now, the shop is crowded, and new tanks don’t move through the production process as easily as they could, Cook said.

“We’re going to be able to spread things out a little bit,” said Cook.

The expansion project got the green light after the company found a good deal on a new sheet blaster at a local auction. They broke ground on the new addition in September and hope to have it enclosed before Christmas.

If all goes as planned, the shop will be reorganized and ready to go by the beginning of 2014, said Cook.

“It’s exciting for the guys in the shop to be adding on,” said Cook. Adding a sheet blaster to the shop will also help create more consistent results and give the shop more control over their product.

Cook also praised the staff in the tank shop, who have kept their production on time or ahead of schedule throughout the construction process.

“My team has done a very good job at communicating everything that needs to happen and pre-planning,” said Cook. “You’d never know that there was construction going on. … It takes a good, strong team to do that and not show any flaws.”