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Morris home gutted by fire

Morris fire fighters battled below zero temperatures to contain an electrical fire at 903 Albany Avenue on Friday, Dec. 6. 1 / 3
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MORRIS, Minn.   The Morris Fire Department was called to a fire on the west side of Morris on Friday afternoon.   

According to Fire Chief Dave Dydal, the fire was reported at 903 Albany Avenue just after noon by a passerby.  A nurse from the West Wind Village was doing house checks in the area and noticed smoke coming from the house.  Early reports indicate that they tried to enter the home to see if anyone was inside.  

Dybdahl reports that once the front door was opened,  it introduced oxygen to the fire and created a backdraft.  

The first fire truck on the scene reported heavy fire and smoke coming from the back side of the house.  Fire crews quickly stretched a attack line, made entry through the garage area and pushed the fire back towards the east side of the house to save the main structure.  The fire had all ready vented itself, breaking the back windows before firefighters arrived, according to Dybdal. 

Below zero temperatures on Friday complicated matter, as everything the water touched became ice within minutes. 

The homeowner had left the residence approximately three hours before the fire was reported.  

Dybdal is thankful no one was injured in the blaze.  

The cause of the fire was electrical, and is believed to have started in a baseboard heater.  The estimated loss is between $150,000 and $160,000. 

Morris had three fire engines, a heavy rescue truck and a ladder truck on the scene.  The Donnelly fire department also responded with an engine truck and extra fire fighters.  The Hancock fire department also was on standby at the Morris fire station. 

Also responding to the scene were the Stevens County Ambulance, Stevens County Sheriff's Department, Morris Police Department and the Minnesota Deputy State Fire Marshal.