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Two exchange students at Hancock High School

By Samantha


Hancock Senior

English Class

This year at Hancock High School we are fortunate enough to have two foreign exchange students  from Germany. They are Anabel Lilja and Zoe Poschinski.   Both are active in Hancock volleyball and choir.

Anabel Lilja is from Bad Segeberg, which is near Hamburg, Germany. She is staying with Randy and Johnnita Luthi. Anabel's first impression of Hancock was that it is very small and has nice people. Her favorite part of Hancock is that everyone is so friendly.

There are many differences between Hancock and Anabel’s home of Bad Segeberg. When asked what were the biggest differences she said “Everything is different; I come from a big city.” There are no trains and subways here in Hancock, like there are in her hometown.

She said that, “The teachers are friendlier here" and commented again about how nice everyone is. There are more subjects Anabel takes in Germany, but school only goes until one in the afternoon there. She comes from a school with 1500 students, so the size of Hancock is a big difference also.

Zoe Poschinski is from Dusseldorf, Germany. She is staying with Lori and Mark Mattson of Hancock. Her first impression of Hancock was that it is a small town with nice and friendly people. When asked, she said that her favorite part of being here is, “Watching games together and cheering for our team.”

Zoe’s school in Germany has more breaks than we do here and there is a different class schedule every day. She also comes from a larger school. Zoe says that almost everything is different here in Hancock compared to her hometown: the people, the school, and just the way of living.

Zoe says that the biggest difference she notices here in America is the way we, in America, eat. Zoe says it’s different  here because  “You eat apple sauce on your pizza.”  (We might have to ask her host family about that!)