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Looking Back 08-17

60 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of Aug. 14, 1953

The four major prizes which comprise the bulk of the $2,000 in merchandise that will be awarded visitors at the 1953 Stevens County Fair are now on display, reports Secretary Ralph Smith of the fair board. The fair will open Aug. 21 and continue through Aug. 22 and 23. Among the major prizes are two television sets. One, an RCA model, is on display at the Morris Radio and Electric shop. The other, a Philco model, is on display at Varnum's Quality Hardware store. The two other big prizes are a 15-foot freezer, which in display at the Morris Co-Op Association and a Hamilton clothes dryer, on display at the Cruze Electric and Sporting store.

Monroe Studio of Morris received recognition for outstanding photography at the annual Professional Photographers' Association convention in St. Paul last week. Two Monroe photographs were accepted for display at the convention, each receiving a gold seal, both were wedding photos.

The Morris public schools faculty for the coming school year will include seven new teachers. Only six members of last year's faculty have resigned their positions here, one of the smallest teaching personnel turnovers in the local school system in a number of years. The new teachers for the coming year are Miss Ione Peterson, who will teach one of the first grades in Morris; Mrs. James Peterson of this city, the former Jean Quast, who will return as social studies instructor in the junior high school; Robert Schaefer of Duluth, the new head of the instrumental music department; James Levang, will join the commercial department staff; Miss Jenny Velsvaag of Pine River will be a fourth grade instructor here; and Mrs. Bertha Klawon of Wheaton, a former member of the Alberta High School faculty, who will teach in the home economics department here.

Miss Lenore Conroy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Conroy of Chokio, appeared on Cedric Adams' television show Tuesday night. The TV show originated in Newark, N.J. at a party given by the Prudential Insurance Co. for its trainees from Minneapolis and for its employees in Newark who will be transferred to Minneapolis where the Prudential company is erecting a new division office building.

Four more Stevens County young men left Morris on a chartered bus for Minneapolis where they will go into military service under the Selective Service program. Comprising the August contingent were: Harold Blakesley, Morris; Robert DeGier, Hancock; Timm F. Morton, Hancock; Dale Alvin Kuhnau, Chokio. A fifth young man from this county, Leo Wade of Alberta, also goes into service this month but has been transferred by the local draft board to California where he has been employed. Accompanying the group of inductees to Minneapolis yesterday was a group of five other young men who went down for pre-induction physicals. In this group were: Arthur A. Durkee, Hancock; Lester R. Kjeldahl, Morris; Donald Edward Overson, Donnelly; Walter Wangsness, Morris; Russell Stier, Donnelly.

40 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of Aug. 16, 1973

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schmidt, Route 1, Morris, arrived at General Billy Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee WI for the start of the International Flying Farmers 28th annual convention, Aug. 12-17. They were among the more than 1,200 International Flying Farmers and their families from throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico who attended the event.

The action in Morris this weekend will be at the Stevens County Fairgrounds where the 100th running of the annual Stevens County Fair (the Centennial Fair this year) begins today and runs through Sunday evening. The centennial milestone that has been reached in the long series of county-wide expositions that have been staged by the Stevens County Agricultural Society will be highlighted with several special features in the weekend activities. The 1973 fair will be the 20th successive "free" fair presented by the Agricultural Society, with no gate admission charges being made. There will be car parking charges as in the past.

State Highway Patrolmen took on a new look recently when a switch from the traditional military styled hat to the new maroon wide-brimmed "Smokey the Bear" type went into effect. Patrolmen are now known as Troopers and the State Highway Patrol has changed its name to "State Patrol."

United States District Judge Edward Devitt signed a temporary restraining order enjoining the military authorities from calling to active duty Dr. John Stock of Morris until such time as the merits of his petition would be heard. These fast-moving developments came after the Doctor Procurement Committee of Morris early this week authorized legal action in United States District Court to keep Dr. Stock in the community to practice medicine. Dr. Stock, following the order of the court, will not be reporting for military duty Aug. 17, as was recently ordered by the military, and will again be available at the Morris Medical Center for appointments.

20 Years Ago

Items taken from the Tribune of Aug. 12, 1993

Town and Country Supply of Morris has undergone an expansion. This was acknowledged in a Chamber of Commerce ambassadors' visit recently. Accepting congratulations on behalf of Town and Country Supply (900 Atlantic Avenue) is Randy Sutter, co-owner. Ambassador Pat Flannery presented a congratulatory plaque. Other ambassadors present were Laurie Kleespies and Tim Esterling. Morris royalty present were Brandi Logan, Paula Lesmeister, and Miss Morris Katie Day. The Chamber of Commerce ambassadors along with Miss Morris and her royalty congratulated Sheila Storck, owner of a new Morris tanning business, "Storck's Nest," located northeast of Morris. They also congratulated Pat Dingman of Dingman Floral, located in City Center Mall, on a new Morris floral business.

Bud Berger of Berger Chevrolet Oldsmobile GEO presented a check to Tim Anderson of the Stevens County Arena Fund Raising Committee. With their contribution, Berger Chevrolet has become a benefactor in the fund raising drive. The drive has raised over $500,000 in pledges and contributions. Groundbreaking for the 43,000 square foot arena is set for Aug. 19, at the Fairgrounds.

McDonald's hopes to be open for business in Morris in November. The new restaurant will be located at the site of the current Holiday Station. That building will be torn down as part of a remodeling project at Holiday Foods that was originally announced last December. New gasoline islands for Holiday would be located between the current Holiday Foods and the proposed McDonald's, with a convenience area near the pumps for gas customers.