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Closed session takes up most of Hancock city council meeting

The Hancock City Council members opened their meeting Monday night at 7 p.m. At 7:05 Mayor Bruce Malo announced that the meeting would be closed for a special meeting regarding employee evaluation. One hour later the meeting was re-opened to the public with the announcement that the discussion regarding the personnel issue would be put on hold until a special meeting on July 22 at 7 p.m. This meeting could also be closed to the public.

The remainder of the council meeting took only 30 minutes with most of the discussion focused on the June 21 storm and July 4 activities. Police Chief Matt Flogstad told the council members that everything went well over the July 4 weekend with very few incidents. There were no complaints called into dispatch, no fights or other problems.

He also told the council that the night of the severe storm in this area, he came to town as soon as possible to assess the damage. He and Maintenance Director John Jepma drove around town and made sure everything was safe before morning. They also worked on getting the generator started at the ponds since the power was off. However, the power came back on before this was needed.

During the day and for the next few weeks, the two men worked on picking up branches and getting the town ready for the July 4 celebration. Flogstad also participated in a county-wide tornado drill in Donnelly where he learned a lot.

Flogstad is planning to hold a bike rodeo on July 25 from 6-8 p.m. Since the school parking lot is full of construction products, he will probably use the Community Center parking lot. He is working on getting donations and lining up someone to talk to the children attending the rodeo. He will be releasing more information closer to that date.

Jepma also told council members that he was busy over the month cleaning up after the storm, mowing grass and getting things ready for the Fourth. He hauled trees for three days and is still picking up branches that are falling from the trees. Council members asked him to contact Barden about repair work on some of the manholes.

Councilman Bob Staples thanked both men for the extra effort and work they did for the city after the storm and in preparation for the July 4th celebration.

City Clerk Andrea Swenson told the council members that she is working on a request for proposals for attorney services as Neil Simonson would like to be done soon. She had to order three water shut-offs last month which has not been done for awhile and two of these had paid and were turned back on. She added that epayments should be available soon for the public.

Malo and Councilman Jeff Flaten attended the Hancock Economic Development meeting and there was continued discussion about the City of Hancock Facebook page. It was decided that a member of that group would continue to post information on a private page. The City of Hancock will not have anything to do with it.