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Deaf Awareness Week

Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese (seated) signs a proclamation for Deaf Awareness Week with Tim Poore, of the University of Minnesota, and two of his beginning American Sign Language course students. Deaf Awareness Week is Sept. 21-25. At left, Shandi Hopkins makes the sign for "Deaf", Elizabeth Meyer makes the sign for "Awareness", and Poore makes the sign for "Week."

Morris Mayor Sheldon Giese has declared Sept. 21-25 Deaf Awareness Week in Morris. The proclamation reads: Whereas, an estimated 34 million Americans have a hearing loss; 80 percent of those affected have irreversible and permanent hearing damage; and Whereas, in Minnesota, approximately 67,623 individuals are deaf and approximately 429,606 are hard of hearing; and Whereas, these individuals, who live, work, and play in our surrounding communities, make positive contributions to our economic growth and enrich our lives; and Whereas, Deaf Awareness week provides an opportunity for all Minnesotans to become more aware of the issues facing deaf and hard of hearing Minnesotans, as well as taking note of the many contributions that deaf Americans have made to U. S. Society. Now, Therefore, I Sheldon Giese, Mayor of the City of Morris, in the Great State of Minnesota, do hereby proclaim September 21-25, 2009, as Deaf Awareness Week.