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Letters to the Editor: December 15, 2012

Proposals could threaten child care in area

Thank you to the people that attended the Nov. 19 Informational meeting regarding the Infant Mortality Report and Proposed Recommendations. Also thank you to the County Commissioners for your attendance. If the proposed recommendations pass as written, there will be devastating results. Providers will not be able to provide care for infants and toddlers as we currently do. If these proposed recommendations pass, there will be fewer providers and child care for infants and toddlers will be very difficult for parents to access. Commissioner Lucinda Jesson of the Department of Human Services (DHS) and legislators need to hear from parents and the public that these proposed recommendations are not acceptable.

Proposed Recommendations Committee Members - Darcy Fuhrman, Sherry Tiegs, Jackie Dripps, Vicki Dalager, Laurie Melberg and Jeanne Koehntop

End of the world determined by God, not an SUV

Your cartoons on global warming were cute last week. But what bewilders me is how concerned so many are about the possibility of a slight rise in temperature on earth, feeling it will destroy us all.

There is this old history book called "The Bible" that tells of famines, plague, destruction, Sodom and Gomorrah, and even something about a flood and Noah's Ark.

There are those who would tell us it was the coal or diesel powered engine in the ark that must have caused the flood.

I have a deeper concern. We all know that our lives on this earth are short. I also believe that our end and the end of the world will be determined by God, not an SUV or coal plant. People are not talking about Hell these days, talk about a temperature change. Those luke warm Christians and non-believers who would vote for abortionists, gay marriage, and against religious rights should read Romans I and think about the temperature in the next life.

The end of the world will come in God's Time. Seeing the growing disregard for the guidelines he has set before us might shorten the time, not global warming.

The true Christians look forward to it. The rest - think about it.

Steve Fults - Donnelly, Minn.

Dismissals in court report cause confusion

This is an open letter to the citizens of Morris and Stevens County and the local law enforcement (including the county attorney).

After reading the court report in last Sat. Morris paper I have just one question. Why were there so many laws broken and why were they all dismissed?

Could someone please give me an answer and explain how they can get away with so much when others are paying so much for a lot less?

Skip Hesse - Morris, Minn.

Editor's Note: Stevens County Attorney Aaron Jordan discusses this issue in a column attached to this story.