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Letters to the Editor

Wonderful response to fire

Recently, we experienced a house fire. Although many things were saved, it was a devastation we had never dealt with before.

The love and support we received after this tragedy was truly amazing. Neighbors, friends, teachers, acquaintances and strangers banded together in a way we have never witnessed. The people of this small town are wonderful and we are blessed beyond measure to know you.

Thank you to all who helped in our time of need. Your kindness, support and love have changed our family forever.

We feel we would be remiss if we did not specifically mention the Red Cross. This is an amazing organization which had, within hours of the fire, set up a hotel room, bought us food and set up funds for our immediate use. If not for Red Cross, the days following the fire would have been so much worse.

We would encourage all of you to make some type of donation to this organization. You never know when you may need to make use of their valuable services.

Raven and Nikki Battle