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Letter to the Editor

Living in Bill's Minnesota

You know, I wish I lived in the same Minnesota that District 11 Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen apparently lives in. The Minnesota that's not facing a substantial budget deficit. The Minnesota where everyone who wants to work has a job that supports them and their family. The Minnesota where we have the ability to fully fund our schools, cities and counties, as they provide the services we need them to provide. Unfortunately, I live in the real Minnesota, a state that is going to have to face some tough times and make some difficult decisions. When those times come, I want my elected representatives to be fair-minded, compassionate, and dedicated to the idea that we're all in this together, and together we can weather the difficult times. What I have ... well, let's take a look.

Apparently, the biggest dangers facing us in Bill Ingebrigtsen's Minnesota are foreign languages and the U.S. Congress. Hot on the heels of the Lino Lakes City Council's decision to adopt English as its official language, Sen. Ingebrigtsen has announced that, if he manages to get reelected, he will re-introduce his failed bill to mandate English as the official language of the State of Minnesota. This divisive, shortsighted bill doesn't really seem to serve much purpose, aside from excluding those who currently don't speak English. I fail to see how this helps them become good citizens of our state.

Another failed bill sponsored by Sen. Ingebrigtsen in the last legislative session was SF 3378. This one ... well, this one just made me laugh. It was a bill to amend the state Constitution, to require that any federal legislation must be approved by a two-thirds majority of each state legislative house before it would be applicable. Now, as I understand it, we as Minnesotans elect two U.S. Senators and eight U.S. Representatives to act on our behalf in the federal government. I really don't think that we need yet another layer added to this - it's worked out relatively well for the last 221 years.

It's a simple choice, really. In this fall's election we can choose to be represented by a senator who panders to the ugliest part of our nature, and the topic du jour of extremists on the right. Or, we can choose a candidate who will focus on the challenges of Minnesota finances, who will meet the needs of our entire education system, who will work to reshape government to serve us in the 21st century, and who will see that our veterans have proper care. I choose the latter, and I choose Jim Thoreen.

Jeff Lamberty

Chair, Stevens

County DFL