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Letters to the Editor

Support LTD any way you can

We are writing to remind you that on July 24 the Annual LTD Memorial Tour will be taking place in West Central Minnesota.

We encourage you to be a part of the event even if you are not a biker. Citizens standing along the curbs or waiting at the end of their driveway, perhaps waving a flag or holding a sign, add so much to the event. To see people in communities or along the route in the countryside waiting for the LTD Memorial Tour group is a beautiful sight.

Taking part in this way is also a show of respect for the families of the three young men who gave their lives in Iraq on Feb. 21, 2005. West Central Minnesota was home to all three of these young heroes. Let's show their families that we have not forgotten their sacrifice.

We look forward to seeing you along the way whether you are there as an individual or a group from your club or organization! As in the past, we are sure there will be information in the Morris Sun Tribune (See Page 1 story in this edition) regarding the route and that KMRS KKOK radio will announce the expected time of arrival of the motorcycle group to the city of Morris. This will help you plan your trip to the side of the road.

God bless our troops and the families of the fallen.

Barb Hesse

and Tom Hesse