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Letters to the Editor

Who's to blame for break-ins?

What has happened to our town?

Why are there so many thefts and car break-ins in our town the last few weeks? Who are these people and what are we going to do about it?

I had only heard about the thefts second-hand until June 23, when a friend had his pickup broken into in broad daylight. The police were called and they are investigating.

We have to start to watch out for each other and put an end to this. Who is doing this? Kids? Gangs? Outsiders? Who? Why haven't we heard about this in the news?

I have lived in Morris most of my life and in the past I have never felt the need to lock my truck or my house at night. Now, when we go to the store downtown, we have to lock our vehicle for fear of losing something.

I refuse to accept this crime spree without taking action. I will take whatever actions are needed to protect my home and my neighborhood.

It is time for friends to start helping each other. I dare you to come into my neighborhood!

Skip Hesse


Bikes, cars can co-exist

It's summertime and the living is easy. And more and more people are finding ways to leave their cars behind and get from Point A to Point B on foot or by bike. That's great! But it also means it is a good time to review some "rules of the road."

First, cars and bicycles are vehicles and, as such, are subject to the same rules of the road. So, bicyclists should always ride on the right side of the road, with regular traffic.

Bicyclists are not pedestrians, nor should they be treated as such, So, while exceptionally courteous Morris drivers are being thoughtful to stop and let a cyclist cross the road when we do not have the right-of-way, this is really not a good idea. Cyclists should obey stop signs, yield signs and other rules. We are not pedestrians and should not come to expect that cars will yield to us. Young cyclists need to see that cars and trucks are expecting them to follow the rules of the road and stop at stop signs! But motorists, please, do stop to allow pedestrians to cross, especially on Atlantic Avenue. It is really appreciated!

Finally, it would go without saying that bicyclists -- especially adults -- should be wearing helmets at all times. Why "especially adults"? Why would any kid think they should wear a helmet when they see all kinds of adults ignoring this advice? Talk about a double standard.

Here's to more walkers and bicyclists, and to safe, healthy co-existence with motorized vehicles.

Nancy Carpenter