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Letters to the Editor

A need for real


I am pleased that Torrey Westrom is willing to look at long-term solutions to provide state government services during these challenging times.

Westrom is quoted in last Saturday's Morris Sun Tribune as saying, "There is a heightened realization of a problem and a willingness to seek solutions that might require sacrifice."

I would like Torrey Westrom to listen to past governors of Minnesota, such as Arnie Carlson, and realize that current Gov. Tim Pawlenty's stance on "no new taxes" is shortsighted and an act of non-governance. As a tax payer, I am willing to be taxed a little more if that means that our children will receive a quality education, that those born with special needs will receive needed services, and that the elderly in our communities will be treated with respect and dignity.

I also realize that we as citizens receive direct services for our tax dollars: firemen, police officers, clean water and city parks. We receive paved roads and bridges that do not fall down, and we are not blinded by unforeseen fees or charges.

I can understand why Tim Pawlenty would like to hold fast to his promise of "no new taxes," but at this time when we as citizens need to work together for the betterment of the whole, his stubborn ideology does not allow us to share this sacrifice equally.

I hope that as Torrey Westrom visits his constituents, he is enlightened by the need for governance and realizes that we as citizens are willing to make sacrifices during challenging times.

Debra Luetmer


No respect for

jail proponents

As a life-long resident of the Morris area, I am concerned about the plans for a new jail. I was glad some people had the courage to gather together to show the few people who want it that maybe we don't really need it because of the possibility we can't pay for it with the income we have been promised. Thank you, Charlie Berg, Jerry Lesmeister and the rest.

Over the years, Charlie Berg and I have had many discussions, some good, some not so good. But the one thing I always came away with was great respect for the man and will always call him my friend.

As for the people who are pushing for the jail and looking down on Charlie, I have no respect all, nor do I think they have any respect for those of us who have another view of things.

Maybe those who want the jail should be the ones who pay for it and use it.

Gary Weers