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Letter: Thankful McNamar is running for legislature again

It’s November, and since we’re all expressing our gratitude, I had to express my gratitude that Jay McNamar is going to run for the legislature again. Whenever I visited the Capitol he was always there to listen, and more than that, he actually followed through on the things we told him were important to us.

In 2013 students expressed concern that the cost of college was growing too fast. So Jay worked to freeze college tuition at public colleges and universities, even though the state was facing a budget deficit. The great thing about Jay is he balanced the budget too. It’s proof that you can invest in middle class people while still balancing the budget. He helped pay back schools and freeze college tuition.

I have been disappointed by Jeff Backer’s lack of support for a college tuition freeze. Even though the chair of the Higher Education committee is from Fergus Falls, Jeff apparently couldn’t convince him to do what’s right for students in our district. Instead they left session with a billion dollars of surplus not working for anyone, when that money could have been holding down college costs for public university students.

Furthermore, it was recently pointed out in a letter by Rep. Paul Marquart that the 2015 special session bill increased funding for Minneapolis schools more than it did for 80 percent of the schools in our district (16 out of 20). Interestingly, Browns Valley wasn’t one of the districts that got less than Minneapolis. That’s really disappointing, especially when there was a billion dollars of surplus left. Shouldn’t all Minnesota school kids be getting the same amount?