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Growing Green: Minnesota Gardening Calendar 2013

If you're looking for a great holiday gift for your loved ones consider the 2013 Minnesota Gardening Calendar. This award winning 12-month calendar, produced by University of Minnesota Extension Horticulturalists, is filled with NEW, monthly, full color photographs. This year's calendar highlights the benefits of growing native prairie plants, and contains tips to attract wildlife to your garden using these plants. A vegetable garden planting guide is also included with a Minnesota plant hardiness zone map and the spring frost free dates map of Minnesota. Also find monthly gardening tips for lawn, garden, and houseplant care and pest control.

New to the calendar this year is the inclusion of the updated Minnesota Hardy booklet. In the five short years since Minnesota Hardy was first published, University of Minnesota plant breeders have produced an abundance of new cultivars. Don't miss the newest apples (SnowSweet®, SweeTango® and Frostbite™), roses (Sven, Ole and Lena) and Mammoth™ mums in three new colors: dark bronze, lavender, and dark pink. This book divides currently available University of Minnesota cultivars into two groups: the "Garden & Landscape" section describes ornamental plants, and "Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives" describes fruits. In addition, environmental research projects demonstrate techniques to restore wetlands and lakeshores, capture urban runoff in rainwater gardens, and prevent the introduction of invasive species.

This pairing is a Don't Miss for the garden enthusiast. Get yours today at the Douglas County Extension office for $12.00+tax. For more information contact us at 320-762-3890.

Robin Trott is a Horticulture Educator with University of Minnesota Extension.