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University’s 2014 request is another positive step

As a soon-to-be graduate with majors in political science and English, I am extremely thankful for the opportunities I have received at the University of Minnesota, Morris. At the same time, I realize that not everything surrounding those opportunities is perfect.

I’ve taken on significant debt in the pursuit of my degree. Because of that I have a personal understanding of the need to support future students, especially financially. The tuition freeze the University and Legislature enacted last year was a positive first step, but it is only just that. Student debt loads will continue to grow and our schools will continue to suffer until the state of Minnesota returns to its historic understanding of the invaluable importance of supporting higher education.

When I met with Sen. Torrey Westrom and Rep. Jay McNamar at the Capitol on March 27, I emphasized that the University’s 2014 legislative request is another step in the right direction. It will help fulfill the desperate needs of academic support – including infrastructure building and updating – and maintaining reasonable costs of education. I am asking for the support of Sen. Westrom, Rep. McNamar, and all state legislators in recognizing the importance of higher education for our state.