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A time to recognize and to celebrate

April has been designated as National County Government Month. In addition, the week of April 7 is also a time to celebrate National Public Health Week. Since 1995, communities across the country come together every April to celebrate public health and to renew our commitment to promoting a healthier nation. This year, we focus on how to guide communities through the evolving public health and health care system.

National Public Health Week offers a reminder to all of us that the choices we make often determine how long we live and how well we live.  A healthier community depends on individuals making healthy lifestyle choices, communities ensuring an environment in which people can make healthy choices, and policy makers demonstrating a commitment to establishing policies and regulations that support improved health.

A team of 17 employees of Stevens Traverse Grant Public Health are committed to working with individuals, schools, businesses, medical facilities and communities to assure that each and every citizen has the ability to choose a healthy lifestyle. We provide long term care services to the elderly and disabled. We visit families with young children to support parents as they meet the challenges of raising their families and we offer nutrition education and food vouchers to assure that all children have healthy food to eat. We work with children and staff in our school systems and we work with communities to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. We join other community partners in supporting safe communities and we strive to improve the nutrition and physical activity status for all.  We support seniors in accessing all the services available to them so that all seniors have the opportunity to be active, productive members of our community. We prevent. We promote. We protect.

Public health has a role in all our lives; similarly, we each have a role in bringing the lessons of public health and prevention to life. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the value of public health and prevention and in recognizing all the County government employees that strive to make your lives better.